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Hey Offliners,

Sometimes we get so caught up in the latest and greatest widget, that we forget the basics. Like, the fact that nothing speaks louder than proof!

If you have several professional websites in various niches with dozens of first page rankings that can be verified with a basic google search, then clients know that you have a good idea about what you're doing.

However, if all you have is your offline consulting website with a handshake and a smile, your job will be that much tougher.

I know when I first started, I didn't think about having verifiable proof that my online marketing campaigns would work. I had many years of experience and I was naive enough to think that everyone would take me at face value.

Well, I was wrong.

Business owners need proof!

So, if you're focusing on offering online marketing services instead of tradtional marketing consulting, then here's what I would advise you to do to establish credibility:

Step 1: Pick 3 big local niches you want to get clients in. Just make sure that the niche is a very well known niche like doctor, plumbers or electricians.

Step 2: Use wordpress to quickly and easily build 3 websites with about five to ten basic webpages. You can even go on or the and buy plr versions of local websites for a few bucks.

Here's a sample of some of the basic pages you should have:

About Us
Contact Us

Step 3: Do a little keyword research for each of the 3 niches you chose using Google keyword tool. Select the 5 highest traffic keywords and localize them.

For example, if you chose plumbers for your niche and when using the google keyword tool, you find that "plumbers in", "local plumbers" and "need a plumber" are all high traffic keyword phrases, then do this:

Plumbers in (insert a local town/city 1)
Local plumbers (insert a local town/city 2)
Need a plumber in (insert a local town/city 3)

Do the above for the 3 niches you chose, because local keywords are sooooo much easier to rank for than the nationwide/global high competition keywords.

Step 4: Now using the keywords you found, write a article optimized for each keyword and post on your website. Or go on or and buy a custom written article for a few dollars each.

Step 5: Last, set up backlinking campaign to your article posts on your website using forum posts, blog posts, article blasts etc. to get the website ranked.

Step 6: Use any number of backlink checking services to verfiy your rankings over the next week or two and take screen shots of the proof to use in your portfolio to show clients.

If you do these steps, you will have many pages ranking locally in your target market and you'll have the confidence to know that you can produce results for your clients.

Hope this helps,

Chris Rivers
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    Nice post, Chris. Very well written and to the point.
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