When Google wants to send you more clients this is what they do

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As many of you have read in the forum I am a big supporter of direct marketing due its power, nevertheless I have seen that many people wrongly believe that:
  • Direct marketing it is about sending physical letters.
  • Cold calling it is to get clients on the phone.
  • Those who don't cold call are lousy, lazy, afraid, have not man up, etc...

Nothing further from the truth!!!!!

That is why I have decided the principles and power of direct marketing with a real life example.

I have used this EXACT method in 2 different and non-related industries, one of them it is a very tough industry: The Debt Consolidation industry, I started generating leads for a small company that was starting at Toronto, as you the players in this game have very deep pockets, so you need to be smart to win this game.

So I started applying the direct marketing principles and this is step by step what I did.

a) "One persons trash is another persons treasure" . Many people throw to the garbage the mail advertising they receive, I just don't keep them, I study them, one of this letters had a great headline.

"When doctors are sick this is what they do"

Lesson number 1: Do not re-invent the wheel, re use and adapt to your market, I took this great headline, tweak it and test it to see if it works, this was the title:

"When a banker its in debt this is what they do"

After that I created a 2 page website, the first page was a landing page with an aweber form collecting name, email, phone number and debt amount, in exchange for these information I was giving them a set of videos explaining the debt consolidation process, nothing fancy.

I went to craigslist, into the service section, finance and I wrote this exact ad:

Title: "When a banker its in debt this is what they do."

Ad: Secrets about <a href="http://www.my2pagesite.com"> debt consolidation </a> bankers don't want you to know.

I mean if somebody goes to craigslist, financial section, read you ad, clicks on it and fills up the form, I guess it is a pretty good lead don't you think?... I did and so my client.

This simple strategy brought me 1 lead every time I post the ad, so I posted the ad in 3 different cities, those were 3 leads per day.

Lesson number 2: Test your message and once its working, escalate it. When I realized that this specific message was converting then I started to passing go to to a different media, same message, different media.

Lesson number 3: Direct marketing allows you to create marketing assets, material, ads, landing pages etc... that will bring you a steady number of leads.

So I started escalating the message to other media.

Lesson number 4: Marketing is not about jingles, smart phrases, catchy slogans etc... it is about SALES, this boring and simple message was doing the work.

Next step, I went for a free $75 dollar Google Adwords coupon and I wrote the same message in the adwords ad, with Image ads.

This was creating more leads and I have not spent money yet, I was working still on a low budget, next step I created a free blog, wrote 10 debt consolidation articles and on the right side of the blog I add a banner, can you guess what was the message??? YES, the same one that was working.

At this moment I had 3 different lead generation sources that were generating a constant flow of leads.

I have created some money so I started escalating my marketing with "low cost" mediums like: fliers, business cards, stickers, variety stores boards, yes, you guess right, SAME MESSAGE over and over again.

As you can see I was still one men operation, but I have leveraged my efforts with direct marketing, again instead of spending money hiring another telemarketer or another sales person, I decided to spend my money in MORE MARKETING!!!!!!, getting my message to MORE PEOPLE!!!.

I started buying classified ads in the newspapers sending the people to the same ugly 2 page website, magazine ads, voice mail broadcasting, fax broadcasting campaigns, postcards and I did not created physical mail cards because I could not arrive to that phase for some other reasons.

And that my warrior fellows its how I bet ALL THEIR OTHER MARKETING METHODS TOGETHER, you can believe it or not, but do not leave this thread without trying the direct marketing techniques.

Can you see the power of the direct marketing? why should I be cold calling when I can leverage my time and assets?

I don't know if 1 single technique that can bring you 12 clients per day, but I know 12 different techniques that can bring you 1 client per day.

What if you start testing these method in your business? I read many people stories, many people are struggling and this is my little advice to help those who are still hesitating about how to sell their services.


For SEO's "When Google wants to send you more clients this is what they do"

or for real estate agents "When Real Estate Agents Want to sell a house this is what they do"

Want to buy a house?, no problem "When Real Estate Agents want to buy a house this is what they do"

Are you a dentist "When dentists have tooth pain this is what they do"

... and so on and so forth.

To your success and wealth

Miguel "patadeperro" Pancardo
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    Haha, had to laugh at the title of your thread! ;-)

    I actually agree that direct marketing can be a good use of time and resources. HOWEVER, even when you get leads in the door-- you still need to pick up the phone and contact them. I have yet to sell anything from simply e-mailing back and forth with somebody. Believe me, I've tried!

    I find that it is easier to call people who have already expressed interest in your services. They are a warm lead and are obviously going to be more receptive to what you have to offer. The problem is that you can spend A LOT of money and time getting these warm leads and at the end of the day you still need to call them to set up an appointment. I've seen people blow warm leads because they try to sell the person over the phone.

    My post about cold calling, which I assume is the reference to "lousy" in your title, still holds true when contacting warm leads. If you just try to get the sale immediately over the phone you will find that those warm leads are not producing you any results. If you go about contacting the leads as I outlined in my post-- and just make it the goal to get an appointment, you will close a lot more deals.

    Here's how I look at it: I can spend hundreds of dollars on PPC, direct mail, or any other passive way to get clients, but I still need to talk to them on the phone at some point. It is much more efficient for me to make 20 cold calls a day than to spend a bunch of money trying to get a few leads in the door. If you are only contacting 3 leads a day, my guess is that you are struggling to make even one sale a week.

    Additionally, you are leaving a whole lot of potential clients off the table by only focusing on people who are actively looking for your services. Yes, it will be more comfortable to talk to the people who you know want your services, but in the long run if you want to grow a business you need to expand beyond just those who are actively interested. A successful salesperson can sell something to somebody who didn't know they needed it.

    I hope I don't come off argumentative, I just meet lots of people who are so afraid to pick up the phone and call people that they look for all these alternatives to doing so. My experience has been that the single best way to get clients is to cold call. I've tried everything else and while you can get results, they are tiny compared to picking up the phone and calling.

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      Originally Posted by Warrior Ben View Post

      Haha, had to laugh at the title of your thread! ;-)
      Good, I was just trying to catch people attention and I liked what you put on your thread and use it

      They are a warm lead and are obviously going to be more receptive to what you have to offer. The problem is that you can spend A LOT of money and time getting these warm leads and at the end of the day you still need to call them to set up an appointment.
      Good point as I say in my thread I am not saying "DO NOT TALK TO ANYBODY ON THE PHONE", what I am saying its, just talk to people who wants to talk to you otherwise you are wasting your time, and that its very important, to spend just time with qualify contacts so you can leverage your time.

      Thanks for the comments
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    Yes, you have to engage with people to get business. People want to buy from people.

    For warriors who try to avoid this, once you call a few people you may be shocked that some will actually say yes. Probably even the first one. And if you ask them to buy, they'll say yes too.

    You'll be surprised at how liberating it is to just be straight forward. After you show them your wares, just ask, "Do you want to buy this?" or "When would you like to get started?"

    Then shut up and listen. Don't keep trying to sell or be apologetic.

    They'll tell you what they want to do. If they say no, ask them why. If you ask questions and just listen, people will tell you what you need to know to sell them your services. If they're not for you, you'll be better off anyway.

    Even if you totally mess up in person or on the phone, you'll figure it out as you go.

    My first campaign in 1982 I had to speak to about 200 people and I totally bombed. My tongue felt like cotton and I blabbered some idiotic unctions.

    But within a month I had it down cold.

    If they're rude you can always just do this: http://www.warriorforum.com/offline-...offliners.html

    Remember the customers took action and responded to your ad.

    I ran a very successful campaign from 1995 to 2002 using a $50 four line classified direct response ad in a local paper. This generated up to 40 leads a week leaving their contact information on a toll-free recording in a small market.

    Direct response revolutionized my business from cold-call knocking on 100 doors a day to having people call me..I'll take the direct response any day.

    But you have to call them back. A lead is a lead until you turn it into a sale.

    You actually are both right (like you need my approval). Prospecting and marketing are two very powerful lead generation tools you should use every day. The third leg is a systematic referral system.

    I had a client who built an entire franchise network from Canada to Jamaica and the Eastern U.S. just from one question I told him to ask. After he met with a prospect he'd ask, "Do you know anyone else who may be interested in my service?"

    He's now in Africa, Europe, and Asia. He recently told me that heeding this advice diligently is what changed everything for him. As you know, referrals are the best, most profitable, and most enjoyable clients to work with.

    Every warrior (unless he's got tons of business) should spend two to four hours a day on lead generation. The reason your business isn't working is you don't have enough leads.

    You guys both rock anyway.
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    I knew a boiler room operator who only cold called US Dr's....made a fortune. When I relaized it was a scam I quit and reported all my findings to a US lawyer..2 months later they were raided and shut down ..YES!

    BUT...i was staggered by how much money they generated from pure cold calling. I would never have thought so.

    15 Minute Forex Bar Trading System Free at

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    wow, inspiring technique i sure will start reading those mail advertising to find my golden line, i totally agree that direct marketing works way better for certain business like for one in your example
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