UK Based "Free Recorded Message" Service....anybody know of a good one??

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I'm looking for a good provider of a recorded message service and wondered if any of you here know of one?

I need it to be UK based and have standard features like

Caller number capture
Unlimited callers
Linked to 0800 number

I know there are plenty of U.S. based providers but I'm struggling to find one in UK?

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    Hey!! Great to see you're wanting to use the "FREE Recoded Message" thingee. I began using it waay baack in the early-80's when I used a Separate Phone Line with an "old" Answering Machine connected.

    In of my 1st Biz-Op ads was in 1982 when Pres Reagan gave us "Entroopeneers" (aka Independents NOT relying on Da Gummit or a "J.O.B." to "Take Care Of Us like "Baby Robins").....the COURAGE and EXCITEMENT that WE...could go forward WITHOUT da lousy Democrats trying to "Cut Us Down" with their "Rules & Regs" (like NOW)

    I had a successful business going and I called Entrepreneur Mag and asked to speak with an Eidtor. I felt their Mag was THE Top info center for Biz ideas....and I wanted to see whether anyone else was doing what I was make money.

    An editor came on....I explained what I was doing and she said, "Hold On A Minute"! She brought on 2 other editors and asked me to tell them what I was doing. So...I told them what I was doing and ALL 3 said; "Nope! We haven't heard of ANYONE doing what YOU are doing!....and....we'd like to write an article about what you're doing. Please send us a "Press Release and a few Photos"!

    So....I did and proceeded to forget about my conversation....until one day, about 21/2 mos later (I didn't know that it takes about 2 mos for articles to get published in Magazines)....I returned to my home office and looked at my "Old TAPE Answering Machine" and it was blinking "40"..."40"..."40"... which meant there were FORTY MESSAGES.

    So....I picked up the 1st and it was from a guy in Washington State, "Hi name is Rick and I'm calling from Tacoma. Saw your article in Entrepreneur and I'd like you to send me the Info Pack!

    ALL 40 calls were like that. I quickly copied down the Name & Address info.... cleared the machine and WHALA....Calls started coming in again.

    When the "dust settled"....I had received over 1,000 Calls from my FREE which I said, "For More Info; Phone my FREE Recorded Message at 555-1234"

    So....that was my FIRST experience with selling stuff via "FREE Recorded Messages" the month of the year 2011 (NOW)....I STILL use this method to get Potential Customers/Clients INTO my "Marketing Funnel".

    Now....the reason for your post was to get info on a Voice Mail Service you can use in the UK. I'm sorry....I KNOW there are at least 2 Services that can provide this for you BUT...I can't find I use a local Voice Mail Service that charges me $10/mo for a "2 min Out-Going" message.

    I'll look harder and send it to ya if I find it. I wanted to "Re-Inforce" your choice of using Free Recorded Messages in your Martketing Plans.

    Don Alm....."Marketeer"
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      Just ask BT or whoever you are with.

      It is only voicemail with different settings. Nothing special to do.

      Every sex line and horoscope line in the magazines and papers use them.

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    Helisell.. Any luck with this?

    I'm looking for the same thing, and will do anything I can to avoid giving money BT.

    Any other options out there?

    Edit: Found and signed up at I was really impressed with the customer service. Will let you know when I've used it
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    Been using switchboardfree for a while and they're very good but they only offer local numbers. It's a free service for the first 2 local numbers you choose with them.
    SwitchboardFREE™ | Virtual Switchboard | Free 084 Numbers | Call Tracking
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    Hey Guys
    Any updates on this post.
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  • Originally Posted by helisell View Post

    I'm looking for a good provider of a recorded message service and wondered if any of you here know of one?

    I need it to be UK based and have standard features like

    Caller number capture
    Unlimited callers
    Linked to 0800 number

    I know there are plenty of U.S. based providers but I'm struggling to find one in UK?

    What did you end up using?
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    Nothing. I'm still looking.

    It isn't as simple as some of the posters suggested.
    I want a service where even if 500 people call in their
    data is captured and a message and record facility will cope.

    I'm just stating to work with a big telecomms company so I'm hoping to have some news soon.

    Making Calls To Sell Something? What are you actually saying?
    Is there any room for improvement? Want to find out?

    Say This Instead

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    Well im getting these alot, but i dont know the provider..
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      Guys, use this... get a free account, free UK number and divert it for free to voicemail in the settings and set the voicemail to email you..

      Everytime someone calls you get the WAV file emailed directly to you so you do not even have to login again...

      Hope it helps.


      Please hit the "Thanks" if you found this information useful, Thank you.

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    I use alexvoip/gladwell for this.

    I record a message of my choice which is played to the caller. The message they leave is then forwarded to me as an email attachment. If they do not leave a message you call still see the number from which they called from to chase up.

    As there is no call divert costs it is a flat fee of £4.80 per month.

    If you go with them make sure your empty your recorded incoming messages as you go along as capacity is 100 at a time. HTH
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