Your Motivation, My Mobile Site Sale's Journey

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Hey Warriors,

So I have read many posts about cold calling and selling your services to offline businesses. Just remember, they are just people. If they say no, who cares move on to the next.

So here is what I am going to do. I am going to post my results daily on this post on how my sales are going with my mobile site design starting tomorrow (Thursday). Here is what my day will look like:

- Wake up and do my thing (shower, brush my teeth, breakfest, etc.)

- Research 50 businesses and see if their site is mobile friendly. I will do my best to find out the business owners. Hopefully it is somewhere on their site. If not, I will be checking the better business bureaus site, whois, jigsaw, etc...

- Time for the worst part of all sales gigs...but it has to be done. Time for cold calling....

- Book my appointments and visit them the next day.

- After I have made a few appointments, I will go ahead and put together a quick mock up for their mobile site.

That's what the first day will look like. Now for the second.

When I go in a visit the owner, I will be taking nothing but my contract and my iPhone. I will have their current site ready as well as their mobile design ready to present. From my experience, my meetings are usually only 20 mins long. If I sell I sell, if I don't, oh well. On to the next client.

So there you go that is what a two day sales call looks like. Stay posted for my progress.

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    Looking forward to checking in on you, best of luck man!!
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      Thanks so much! Hopefully I can inspire some people here and show them that cold calling isn't that scary.
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        May the force be with you ~
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    I wish you the best! I am starting to cold-call local business owners here in the US mid-atlantic area and will be following this thread with interest. I'll contribute some of my experiences periodically if that is acceptable.
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    How do you prepare their mock up website? Thanks

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      Nice one Michael,
      Good luck with this I am sure you will make it a success.
      The fact that you have made a plan and are going to take actionn is the main thing, something I desparately need to do.

      Like Qamar I would be interested in how you prepare a mock up, which software/plugins you use.
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    You take a sample site and you put their logo on it.
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    hey everyone, sorry fro the lack of posts on this thread. I was at a wedding all weekend and took all of my time.

    So here is what happened last week. I developed a mock up of each business that I approached and emailed them the day before. The day after, I called them up and asked if they received it and had a chance to go over the email and the site. I sent out 30 sites and I have about 15 interested. Not bad. Today and tomorrow I will following up and seeing how many actually want to purchase a site.

    So far so good!
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    nice man, I downloaded Bens Template and realized how easy these are to build and was thinking of doing the mock up method.

    Keep us updated for sure!

    "The force is strong with this one"
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    Mobile sites are sooooo easy to create. I honestly mock up about 25 in one evening. Basic HTML for the most part.
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    I like the strategy of emailing then calling. I read this in the offline ice-breaker WSO. As it makes a cold call less of a cold call because you have a reason for calling.

    What is your script that you sent in the email as well as the title that gets them to open the email?
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