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by Bruha
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Anyone creating custom text message campaigns when they first approach a business? I know with Yeez I can setup demo's and I'm thinking of building a few for the initial shops I approach so they can see the power of the system.

Just wondering if it is worth my time to customize the messages or if a general one gets it done just as effectively.
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    Absolutely set up a demo campaign before you approach your client. It only takes about a minute to get it up and running. Customize it specifically for the business you are meeting with and then during your presentation have your prospect take out their phone and text in the keyword to the number.

    Not only will they get to see the demo in action, but the demo text message will stay on their phone so next time they look at their texts they will be reminded of your presentation. It's a great way to stay top-of-mind with your prospect.

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    I agree with Ben. It's really important to set up demo's and test them. However customized messages always work best. If it's too time consuming set up a few industry specific demos.
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    I agree with @ Warrior Ben and @ladymd. Many small local business owners still don't have a clue about sms/text message marketing - so there is an educational process required more often than not to close the deal.

    Plus, they don't want an sms/text message marketing platform or campaign - they want more customers who buy more often and spend more money.

    Providing some case studies and setting up a demo is the best way to demonstrate that. And the more you tailor the demo to your prospect, the better your conversions will be.

    Mark Babcock
    The Prolific Profit Coach

    "Turning Passion, Purpose & Potential into Profit"
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    To add to what the others have said if you create the demo you are giving value to the customer. They see they you've taken the time to create a custom demo specifically for them. That means you've already somewhat invested in their company. Even if it took you just 5 minutes to do it. They don't know that but the perception goes a long way.
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    Adding a customized message is always meaningful and it does not take too much time. Sometimes its the simple things that makes the difference between a sale and a thanks for your time.

    Ry Russell

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