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Warrior Ben just posted a great idea about HARO. Check it out. I'm on their list as well.

Imagine having all the free publicity you want on radio, TV and newspapers. It's all available for the asking.

With all of our high-tech strategies, we often overlook the simple power of just writing a press release and sending it to your local news or business editor.

Here's how to do it.

You can get a list of all your state's newspapers from your state press association. Google it. Some may still print a membership book you can buy. Keep a list with contact details and submission guidelines for all your print, radio and TV stations.

You may not get it in your big city daily paper, but local and regional papers are understaffed and always looking for good copy.

Don't overlook the big one's. They may just send a reporter down. I've had major daily newspapers send reporters for interviews. You can even get coverage for your clients in top tier papers. I had one even show up at my house requesting an interview with pen and camera in hand.

I garnered prime time TV news coverage for a local event once by telling them protesters were coming. It was true, but the protesters never showed and we got state wide coverage on the evening leading news broadcast.

On another occasion, I approached the local daily regional newspaper about a project I was hired to do in Central America. They decided to send one of their main AP news reporters with me through three countries. He ended up writing a seven-part front page series on the project with outstanding photos.

The paper had headline news stories and compelling photos above the fold for 7 days.

I didn't pay a dime for the coverage.

Remember they are looking for things of interest to drive their own news stand sales. You help them. They help you. I first started doing this more than 30 years ago when I was running political campaigns. As you can see, it's far more powerful than buying an ad and it's free.

You need to write your press release in the third person. Think like a reporter and tell the story. It's simply like sales copy, but skip the bull. A good narrative is more compelling anyway. You use quotes from others for your validity. The old formula is AIDA. Get "Attention" with an opening hook. Create "Interest." Generate "Desire." And call to "Action."

"It's not often a company actually guarantees it's work. Power Leads Service of West Side makes a bold claim, 'If your business doesn't grow by 50% in 90 days, our service is free.'"

Tell the client's story for a more compelling narrative.

"When City Dentist, Dr. Robert Smith, began his practice more than thirty years ago he struggled to find enough clients.

Today he says he couldn't be happier. 'I can't believe my business has grown 115% in the last twelve months,' Dr. Smith marveled. When asked how this happened, he gives the credit to a new service from Power Leads of West Side."

You don't write "this great service" or your own commentary. Remember to use others to make your points. Use a client's feedback or commentary: "New York City dentist, Dr. Robert Smith said, 'I've used Power Leads Service over the past 12 months and I've seen my business grow 115%. I've never found anyone with Kevin's integrity in my 30 years of practice," as an example.

If that sounds like hype, rewrite it like the previous example or get some better quotes from clients. Brevity is best. I've even written quotes for clients and asked them to approve it. This is best reserved for those with good relationships.

But you'll find most clients can really provide good one. You can ask them what they would say about a particular service you rendered or point you're looking for. If you wow them with your services, you'll often get some really great feedback. Be sure to write it down for later use. If you have no clients yet, get a quote from another great warrior on this forum or a business friend about you, etc.

It's best to keep your article to one page double spaced. If you include a photo with a compelling caption, chances are you'll get more free publicity and traffic. Google press release formats for the style to submit.

Make sure to include a call to action... "More information on this service can be found at" or include a phone.

I found the domain has a better chance than a phone of getting printed.

They may not always print it, but you could make sure something in the photo has your domain name or phone number as a way to make sure it gets in. Like you holding your notebook with your domain on it while talking to someone or a banner promo on the wall behind you announcing the service. You or your client may have a business vehicle wrapped with a promo and contact info as a backdrop.

Send these releases to local and regional radio, cable and TV stations, too.

I've used this so many times over the years for business promos, events, after a client success, to announce a client kickoff campaign, etc. You can even invite the paper and local radio station to a kickoff event.

You can get your local radio station to come out and broadcast live at an event, like a special sale at a store. Create a big campaign and do this once. Then you can add this media service to what you offer big money clients.

If you create an event that has community appeal, the local media will often cover it. I've even had a regional radio station ask me to do the broadcasting live for them and they sent a technical crew to set it all up. I just took charge of the microphone. Imagine that.

If you're doing a coupon offering for a mobile marketing client for example, announce a special sale with the text number to get the coupons. Include a photo of the business owner holding some great products on sale with the text message banner behind him. You can create an exciting campaign that makes your client a hero and drives sales. He'll be your client for life.

Be sure to include a subtle call to action, "Discount Drugs coupon campaign was developed and managed by"

As I mentioned, large daily papers may not print your story, but local media is always looking for copy. Don't forget the local pennysaver type magazines, community journals, business trade press, and even your city's community access or cable channels. They are usually owned by another entrepreneur who is always looking for great stuff to use.

Many cable access shows are just people who put on a show. Approach them about you or your client being on the show. Local radio shows are the same. Blogspotradio is another venue. They all need content.

Local media is usually owned by a sole proprietor who's busy just like other business owners.

He doesn't have huge budgets for reporters or extra writers and he's got space, air time or content he's got to fill. Give them something compelling to use and you win, too.

A great photo can really drive traffic. The bigger papers will usually change your photo captions, but the smaller ones will usually print what you give them. Be savvy with your releases. Write with a professional flair, but always include your direct response domains and phone numbers.

Don't be afraid to use your sales funnel domain and landing page. This is how you crank up the leads. If you're subtle with how you do this, your chances are better to get your domain printed. One strategy is to send them to your blog or website with lots of good content. Then you just happen to have your opt-in capture displayed prominently with a powerful opt-in bait reward.

Write one tonight and edit it down to just the powerful words. Or find an editor or copywriter on fivver to review.

These media promotions have tremendous value and generate goodwill with your client. His business is his baby. You're shining a light on it.

This is may be the most valuable tool in your tool box and it only costs you a stamp.

If you found this helpful, leave your comment or questions below. You can even print this out for a handy guide.

Share your thoughts below. I know some of you have some great stories, too. Even just a little one.

Now go create your own campaign.

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