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I'm going to start marketing a single product to seniors (anyone 65 and older). Will do the gamut of online marketing and add it to Amazon and test their different levels including fulfillment. Not too experienced in online advertising. Any suggestions where to advertise online (will do PPC)? And any out of the box online marketing ideas? Market is US but reach is easily global.
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    I'm considering an offline business venture that shares the same target. So I figure I'd dump some of the stuff I've uncovered here in the hopes it helps you.

    I'm mid-research on this one so my data & ideas are just a tad rough.

    One thing that's come up is to target their adult children who often times have an influence on their buy decisions. They also recommend products & services that they feel their elders can benefit from. The most critical aspect I've uncovered is that adult family (often 18 to 34), or spousal endorsement is absolutely necessary for high value purchases under some circumstances.

    Examples of which are financial products, renovations, senior work@home, ...

    Seniors are perhaps the toughest to market to since their guard is often up the highest & strongest. Yet, its still a viable market if you can penetrate it with a much needed product or service.

    What you do to penetrate the market has everything to do with the nature and purchase price of the product. There's no general formula for doing so in my opinion.

    If you have the resources - you can market their television time slots. If I were you I'd be looking to identify some senior communities online and inquire about placing a banner. A community-centric special offer might garner a response as well. Marketing online to seniors is tough, but the number of users are trending up last I checked.

    Another idea is an advert directing them online (or to call) in the local weekly community paper, they are usually inexpensive, but you need to run them for a few weeks to get a response. You need an advertisement that stands out.

    Hope that helps get the wheels turning.

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      Thank you. I'm just starting some research. Focus is solely online mixed with email marketing. Have experience with health products targeting specific groups, like wound care. I'm seeing that seniors are often overlooked yet they have 75% of the money to spend.

      The product is retail so identifying related communities is on target. I may consider some commercials but won't go TV anytime soon. Late night talk radio is excellent and more affordable. Lots of folks up, in pain, listening and buying.

      Thanks again.
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