Tips for getting clients in the UK (may be applicable to other countries)

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These tips are for people in the UK but they may be applicable to other countries.

I've been working in the offline world for a couple of months now and have tried every method under the sun to getting new clients: cold calling, cold e-mailing, walk ins etc.

The one that has worked best for me is networking events.

My experience is that business people in the UK prefer to build personal relationships and really hate cold-calling and the like.

But what I've noticed is that a lot of people coming to these events are making some really basic mistakes. A couple of years ago I studied a lot around the subject of communication, body-language, persuasion etc. So these tips might help you.

1. Know what you're offering and talk about the benefits

Decide before hand exactly on what you are going to offer people. Don't just think 'online marketing stuff'. You need to be more specific, websites, SEO, traffic, social media etc.

Because people outside this online marketing world have no idea about all the technicalities that go in to this and frankly they don't care.

They just want to know if you can grow their business (that's when you talk about the benefits of your service) and they want to know the one specific thing that you do.

So before you go to a networking event know the one thing that you offer, the benefits it gives businesses and how much it costs.

You want to be known as THE social media / SEO / website person, not the 'does some online stuff' person.

2. Speak with confidence (Eye-contact / Voice Tone / Body Language)

Because you know exactly what you are offering and how much it costs you won't hesitate, seem unsure or apologetic about what you do and what you charge.

This will help you have a good eye-contact, voice tone and body language.

But still be conscious of what you are doing in those areas.

Make sure you hold good eye-contact and that your voice tone doesn't rise in a questioning way when you speak, because that will make you come across as someone who isn't confident in what they are offering and is seeking approval from the other person.

Have open body language (no crossed arms or legs when speaking to people) have your palms facing up.

You don't have to be super-enthusiastic or over the top as they can be in the US, people in the UK appreciate a more down to earth and authentic approach.

Be real with people and don't be afraid to keep to your area of expertise. You don't want to be one of those people that says "I do this, and some of this, and some of this as well".

Only introduce your other services after you've sold them the first one.

If you have any other questions about getting clients in the UK or about communication (verbal and non-verbal) ask away, here or on skype: yseup2
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    Excellent post.

    I will soon be joining my local BNI and chamber of commerce and these tips will definitely come in handy!

    Thanks again!
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