Profitable Nugget or "Diamond" For Your Business

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Today I wanted to discuss a strategy that is being used on the down low throughout the world and you might have even been sold this way as well.

Let me start from the beginning...

You see, my wife works at a jewelry store and directly across from that store is another jewelry store.

Now originally I thought this was kind of like a burger king/mc donalds know where usually one fast food place is-the other is right across the street trying to compete.

But the profitable and interesting nugget or I guess diamond because were talking about jewelry today is...

Both jewelry stores are owned by the same company but use a different name.

Everytime people are browsing and decide to check out the "competition" prices and selection, they are really buying from the same company no matter what.

I've even heard people when I was at one store, talk about they want to go check out the prices across the hall first, then come back.

Then I see them walking with a jewelry bag from the other store. Thinking they got one over on the other store when they really still bought from the store they left.

I remember reading about this a while back...where a man had a cleaning company and in the same town, another cleaning company.

He owned the only two cleaning companies in town and some people talked about how they prefer his one company over the other, never realizing same companies.

Now, looking at your niche or business field, this might be the diamond or nugget that helps you collect the customers who leave your store, or so they thought.

Till Next Time

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