What Industries would benefit the most from a Mobile Site?

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Quick question, title says it all.

Obviously restaurants would be a good industry to target for mobile sites, as would towing companies/locksmiths. Anyways just wondering what you all think about which industries would truly benefit from a mobile site.

Dan S.
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    Nightclubs and entertainment spaces where they could list daily concerts and events, shopping malls as well...

    In my opinion all industries where there's a weekly or daily agenda can benefit from a mobile site.
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    Anywhere that gets (potentially) visited or called up by people when they are out and away from their PCs for the basics of mobile marketing.

    Every single industry if you go deeper into mobile marketing


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    Any consumer business in a tourist/vacation destination...

    Everyone takes thair phone on vacation, but not their PC's

    While I was on vacation this year I picked up a few new clients. Several restaurants, a night club, a charter fishing boat and a fishing tackle store.

    I did manage to get some "down time" too though!
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      Cabs and Taxis, any business that has a delivery service to your location, any business that services people in emergencies. These would be at the top of the list for priority purposes but any business should have it integrated into their marketing..period..


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    All of the answers so far have been great. I definitely think restaurants, tourist spots, and those that provide services to people in an emergency can most benefit from a mobile site.

    However, I can't really think of an industry that wouldn't benefit from a mobile site. I think every single business can benefit and here's why. The predictions are that mobile internet usage will surpass PC internet usage by 2014.

    I don't know about you, but I find myself using my smartphone to surf the net even when I have a PC nearby. If I'm watching TV and something strikes my interest that I want to know more about, I grab my phone that's within arm's reach to search Google for it rather than take those long ten steps to my PC. I often check my email on my phone while I'm actually working on my PC. I certainly surf on my phone while sitting on the "throne".

    If I use the internet for anything personal, rather than IM/offline work related stuff, I find myself using my phone almost all the time. If I find a site that I want to explore further, then I go to the full PC version.

    I think Lime Cellular is the best white label SMS marketing platform.

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      I was thinking about this some more and I occurred to me that any business that has a big window or empty/underused/unused outside wall that is facing a street with any substantial or steady drive by/walk by traffic really really needs a mobile site.

      Imagine you are a businessman and someone walks in your shop/store and says to the you the owner/manager "WOW, I was just going by and I noticed that big empty wall on the outside of your building, very very nice!!" You must be having people beg you to rent that wall? And your huge front window, I bet you have no trouble at all getting opt-ins to your mobile site and coupons whenever you want with your QR banner, Huh? Your business must be rockin' ". You're not, really?? Let me show you something....


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    tattoo parlours, tow trucks, locksmiths
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