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In the latest effort to tie stores to the web, eBay is striving to persuade bricks-and-mortar retailers to offer PayPal with technology that not only would let a store shopper pay with PayPal, but to receive instant discounts at the checkout counter by scanning a code with her mobile phone.

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    I talk to a friend at church about Paypal on a regular basis because I am always interested in what they are up to.

    He says this is the singular focus of Paypal right now. If they can figure out a way to make it very easy for the consumer to use their cell phone to purchase and have it be trusted by the retailer it will become an area they will dominate. Cracking brick and mortar retail will put them on the level with Mastercard, Visa and Amex. They've got the money and the muscle to come out on top I think.
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    Paypal have offered debit cards for the longest time to account holders? Isn't that a store shopper paying with paypal

    Paypal also have swipe machines too I believe to connect to pp virtual terminal...

    I know they have paypal mobile check out so it would be pretty simple to integrate scanning a qr code to add it to your mobile shopping cart... May have to do a proof of concept over the weekend
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    I'm trying to imagine why merchants will be swayed to use PayPal? What would be the big advantage to them?
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    Ecommerce merchants can learn from this. Attaching a social personality to a brand, encouraging that persona to talk about why a brand does what it does or sells what it sells and connecting emotionally to the perspective buyer, is significantly easier and less expensive now than through the use of traditional advertising. But that comes with one caveat: It’s less expensive in terms of dollars but not in terms of time
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