[OFFLINE NEWBIES] - AVOID BEING SCAMMED by Knowing What to Expect in Your New Offline Business

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Hey Warriors,

In light of some recent events that have taken place I wanted to write a post sharing my experiences of what you should expect as realistic results in your offline consultancy business.

There are many people out there who will make outlandish claims as to the results they get from different techniques they try or just make up. There are a variety of reasons why people do this; from just wanting attention to trying to position themselves as an expert so they can sell you services, mentoring, coaching, etc. Let me be clear: just because somebody is selling offline services, mentoring or coaching, that does not mean they are scamming you. In fact, there is a ton of value that can be gained by having an offline mentor or a coach-- so long as they know what they are talking about and not just telling you vague, untested, general advice. Make no mistake about it though; there are always a few bad apples out there who are trying to make a quick buck by taking advantage of unsuspecting newbies. One was just recently outed, but you can bet that he (yes, upon further investigation by multiple Warriors, she is a he) will be back.

From my personal experience, here is what you can expect from having your own offline marketing business.

If you are consistently closing one deal a day, you are doing very well. Better than 98% of the people out there. Can you close more than one deal a day? Of course. Seminars and networking events can be a great way to get new business and can land you a few new clients at a time. The reality though is that it takes quite a bit of effort to put together a seminar and get people there. Nobody I know is holding daily seminars where they are consistently getting 4 or 5 new clients every day. Even if you aren't getting a sale a day that does not mean you are a failure in this business. For some high ticket services (large SEO campaigns, Reputation Management) you only need to get a sale or two a month to make a very good living.

As for the number of clients some people claim they have, I've found that having more than 50 active clients gets to be too much to handle for any one individual. Obviously some people can handle a little more and some can't even handle half that, but if somebody is saying that they are acquiring 900 new clients a month, be very skeptical of their claims. The reality is that a lot of small business owners are needy. Far from being a stereotypical owner who is a multi-millionaire, many of them are struggling to make even $50k a year for themselves. They look to you as the expert to help them bring in new business and will constantly call asking questions, needing advice, or wanting help. They are your client and if you want to sell them additional services in the future, you need to be there for them.

Of course there are also some clients that are hands off. In those cases though you need to be following up and checking in with them at least once a month, if not more frequently. If you want to be successful in offline marketing you can't look at your clients as one and done. Even after you get that first sale you need to nurture the relationship so they will buy more from you in the future. Trying to nurture over 50 relationships takes up a large part of your day and will become too much to handle.

It is important to keep realistic expectations for your business. When you are just starting out you are not going to close 5 deals a week. In fact, you probably won't even close 5 deals in your first month. Don't be discouraged by this though. Everybody who has achieved even mild success in offline marketing has gone through what you are going through. It's a struggle. It's a grind. It is not easy money, no matter what some people will have you believe.

In terms of keeping what I call my BS Detector up, to avoid people wanting to take advantage of you being new to this business, common sense is your best friend. If somebody guarantees to build you a million dollar business in 3 months for only a $2997 coaching fee, use your head. Why would somebody who has the ability to do that help you out for only 3 grand? The kindness of their heart? No... without fail they are scamming you. There is never a guarantee that a business will work out. You can have the best laid plans and all the financing you need and it is still not guaranteed. I know this from personal experience of raising $500k from Angel Investors and then being out of business 2 years later. Does this make me a failure? No, it makes me experienced.

Further, beyond just outlandish guarantees, be aware of obviously false claims. I read a recent "Exclusive Invite" to buy a Private Label Website Business that said, "I think you will agree, I could easily charge $10,000, $20,000 or more just for the Power Point presentation, after all, the presentation alone is like an ATM machine." Now think about this... $10k for a PowerPoint presentation?! If that didn't send up red flags like fireworks on the 4th of July, then I have a few bridges to sell you.

Lastly, if you are going to buy something online, whether it is a PDF, eCourse, or coaching/mentoring, make sure the payment processor you use to make your purchase will offer refunds if you do end up getting scammed. Never fax a blank check (even if you write void on it) over to a stranger online making outlandish claims. This has the potential to completely drain your bank account and your recourse is a lot less than if you had used PayPal, ClickBank, or even your credit card.

I wrote this post not to call out anybody specific (that's already been done), but to help people who are new to offline marketing have realistic expectations. It can be extremely discouraging to hear somebody say they are getting 10 new clients every day when you are spending all day long working your tail off just to get one client. Don't be discouraged. The Warrior Forum is a fantastic resource to learn new tips and techniques and there are plenty of Warriors out there who are willing to help where they can. There is plenty of free advice you can find and plenty of WSO's with absolute gold in them. Yeah, there are some not-so-good WSO's, but the great thing about WSO's is there is a review system which fosters accountability.

Please keep your responses to this post clean. From all the e-mails and PM's I've received over the past 24 hours, I know there are some strong feelings about recent events, but this post is to help out newbies set some parameters for what they can expect in their offline business and how to avoid getting taken advantage of.

Questions, thoughts...?

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    It might be good to also mention the length of time and number of touches you might need to get clients. I find that this business is not normally a one call close, it's a relationship biz. It takes a while, and you might have 3-20 touches before you ever get a check in your hand. Touches being phone call, email, post card, letter, lunch meetings, etc.

    Reality in this business is it takes time to build a relationship where they are wiling to give you money.

    I also think it's important that you don't underestimate the value of sales skills and negotiation, when IMHO they are the most essential skill, if not the only skill. Any of us can find someone to outsource SEO/maps/etc. Not many have the sales skills to make this biz happen, and are hoping for the magic pill/trick/technique/secret. Biggest trick to success is finding a way to get belly to belly with enough people that someone is bound to say yes eventually. And being very deaf to the exact tone of that silly little nonsense word "No" and all it's annoying cousins, like "Let me think about it".

    We do not have to become heroes overnight. Just a step at a time, meeting each thing that comes up ... discovering we have the strength to stare it down. - Eleanor Roosevelt

    Your opinion of yourself becomes your reality. If you have all these doubts, then no one will believe in you and everything will go wrong. If you think the opposite, the opposite will happen. It’s that simple.-Curtis Jackson- 50 Cent
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      Originally Posted by MRomeo09 View Post

      Biggest trick to success is finding a way to get belly to belly with enough people that someone is bound to say yes eventually. And being very deaf to the exact tone of that silly little nonsense word "No" and all it's annoying cousins, like "Let me think about it".


      When I hear the word "No" I think 'what an interesting way to start a negotiation'

      I have believed that at least it is better to hear No than nothing at all (vs - indifference).

      Thanks for the Post, Marcos!


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    Ben - no questions from me, just another awesome post my friend.
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    Ben, I appreciate the time you are putting into helping or saving others from getting scammed. Dont be discouraged though if you still see all the BS going on like nothing ever happened. I have learned this over the last few years that everybody goes through these phases and you cant protect everyone from getting scammed. We all know that over 90% of the stuff in clickbank is full of BS but its still a multi billion dollar industry. There are always going to be people looking for shortcuts, infact I think everybody does.

    You have got to pay your dues to become successful in this business. I paid mine along the way too, I am sure you did aswell. I can guarantee that every other successful person here on this forum has been scammed one way or another, it may not be for thousands but its really part of the game. Even till this day, I am getting screwed by people left and right. All the new outsourcers, linkbuilders, writers etc. Everytime you are in market to buy something new, you are going to have to go through that process of sifting through the chaff.

    There are always people who are gonna get scammed and there are always those who are going to scam. Its become part of this business now, I wish we could go back to late 90s but people just have to be more careful now. Even with all the research, you are bound to be scammed one day or another in this business. Learn from your mistakes but dont be discouraged because that doesnt make you a loser or someone who doesnt know what they are doing, you may even have done all the research and still get screwed and there is nothing you can do about it. Part of the business! gotta pay your dues...

    One thing that I can recommend is that everyone who is making a deal thats large enough for their bank account, make sure you get the persons real name and address and do a little bit of research to make sure its correct. If you get taken, head over to your JP/small claims court and file a lawsuit. Depending on your state, it will cost you anywhere from $15-$100 max I believe and you dont need an attorney. Ofcourse there is a limit for small claims, depending on your state its gonna be anywhere from $5k-$15k but its pretty straight forward and easy to get your money back that way.

    If you do get taken, do not send BS threats. Politely let them know that you got 3 days to reply or else I am going to court and then really do go to court otherwise you lose your credibility and other person is not gonna be much worried anymore. After first notice let the sheriff make the 2nd notification. Then ask them to send you the money if they wanna close the case and if they still dont well then you can atleast see them in court or win a default judgement. Once you got the judgement in hands, that doesnt mean you get the money in your hands but there are ways to collect that debt. Dont let them get away with it!

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    Originally Posted by Warrior Ben View Post

    I know this from personal experience of raising $500k from Angel Investors and then being out of business 2 years later. Does this make me a failure? No, it makes me experienced.

    I especially liked... failure? No, it makes me experienced.

    Thanks for the post, Ben!

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    Im new to this whole thing and good thing im a cheap ass and would never EVVVVVEEERRRR pay anybody that much money. But even those things for 5-20 bucks add up just use your due diligence.
    But on this World Wide Web there is always somebody trying to make $$$ of anything and don't care how it's done even if it's ripping people off taking food of their table.
    Gets me so mad.... but this should be stickied to the top of the forum so people can review before diving into anything.
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      Will need to over read a few times to get all the gravy... Good stuff Ben, thank you..


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        Great stuff Ben. Thanks for being so detailed and willing to help everybody.
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    Great post! The reason why people fall for all these wild claims is because they are desperate and they really want to believe those claims are truly possible in a short period of time. It's sort of like gamblers; they all have high hopes of hitting it big if they keep gambling enough.

    The truth of the matter is, learning any new skill takes time and dedication and in order to get something to work right, it takes trial and error. Learning from others can many times cut that time down dramatically because they've already worked out many of the kinks, so to speak. So I think it's good to learn from others, but one needs to have a good dose of skepticism when listening to others in addition to trying different things out on their own in order to see what works.

    The biggest issue with the internet is anyone can pretend to be who ever they like and it can be difficult to see who you are truly dealing with.
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      I believe, based on being one of the suckers, that you are missing part of the reason. It's not just the gambling out of despair. It's also that we can see the shape of something trying to be born. But it's not like anywhere else. Everything is fluid and often in conflict, which allows both hope and the ability to scam. Trying to skirt the reefs and shoals while wandering through a fog of possibilities and lies, as it were.
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    I must have been hiding under a rock because I totally missed the goings-on you are referring to. It's certainly not the first time it has happened around here though... and you can bet it won't be the last.

    There are a lot of great people on this forum but there are a very small minority who are just out to make a quick buck. Thankfully they come and go quite quickly because people catch on and smell the BS from a mile away.

    I've had a few people lately who I've caught out doing things that are not even legal - some of these guys seem to think the laws are just there for a laugh. The great thing is I know they will get what's coming to them one day - it always catches up with them in the end.
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    Great post Ben - excellent information.

    You're most definitely right with the amount of accounts for one individual. I have just about 50 accounts and I have a 2 full-time employees on the production/customer support side. Client are needy and if you don't pay attention to them, they'll equate that too "not working" and want their money back. Chargebacks are not fun. I got some consulting time from Andy Beal about 5-6 years ago, and he always said his project managers managed $100k before hiring another; I've been trying to stick to that.

    I actually told me customer support rep on Tuesday, "Once we get to $100k in billings monthly or 50 clients, then I'll hire someone to help you out". We've got about 40 clients now and getting close to $75k, so we'll see. He seems to be able to manage it thus far.

    As for the sales side, yes, I've seen deals close in 24 hours and deals close 4 months later. I don't see a "system" to get deals done in 24-48 hours consistently, so watch out for people that are saying they can get a TON of deals whenever they want in a short amount of time, definitely. Building rapport and showing your knowledge is what we do to close the deal. We close, on average $1,200/mo. deals and those take 1-2 weeks. Of course, my sales rep will have 5-10 potential clients in their pipeline, so they close 1-2 a week. That's about average.

    Just be careful and know your expectations. The biggest advice I could give anyone is: persistence. If you're going to get into this "offline biz thang", make sure you really give it a go...be persistent.
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    It is definitely important to be in the know when it comes to scams and fraud. When you understand your legal rights, you have the power to make wiser business decisions. Your post also teaches newbies plain old common sense for IM related things.
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    Were you referring to Louis amir palos?
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    Just finished reading the other thread and found it quite revealing. I have read the suspect's threads and ideas before and thought her results were exaggerated. Although she did have a few good ideas. By my nature I would not have even bothered with that charity idea in front of WalMart.

    I appreciate the fact that several people outed the suspect and Ben's statements about 'newbies' wasting their precious time and becoming frustrated and depressed were right on. The suspect's game is being played everywhere and all I have say is 'caveat emptor'.
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    • Profile picture of the author TheCG
      That really was an interesting thread on the suspect referred to here but there are so many of the same type of scammer in varying degrees on the forum these days.......

      The MO is always pretty much the same... post, post, post...sudden success post, then all of a sudden they are teaching "how they did it" when the fact is, they have most likely done nothing at all.

      Some even post links to their teaching-coaching websites even before there is any content on it and all it has is "Lorem Ipsum" dummy text for the most part.

      Sad for newbies as if your first encounters into learning are from these people, you most likely give up on the dream and spend the rest of your days in a cubicle somewhere.

      Who can you trust? It is hard when you don't know what you don't know.

      Yes, by the way, I AM in the Witness Protection Program. I could tell you who I am but then I would have to kill you.

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    Yep the BS detector on full alert , not just for pretend gurus but also pretend offliners.

    You know some people ask way too many questions and at too much of a basic level to really be an offline marketing business person.

    Look dont even think about coming into this industry unless you
    A) Understand business at a decent level (these are peoples REAL businesses you are going to be let loose on and theyve spent maybe 20+ years building them up, they wont want some pipsqueak pretender coming along and ballsing it all up just cos they cant be bothered to 'learn
    B) Understand marketing (and I dont just mean you're able to put a Google Places listing up a spot or three, I dont mean youre able to sort out some backlinks etc) so that you can look at a business, talk with the owner (listen more) and totally understand what they really need to benefit from what you can do
    Example if I may - went out with family last night to a decent restaurant , now my parents have been going there a while, well known to the owner, and now so am I, however I straight away realised that he did NOT need my help because he has his restaurant positioned to attract clients that dont think how much theyre spending, dont give a second thought to £100+ ($160+) for a bottle wine , will take people out and mean it when they say 'have whatever you want' , wont raise an eyebrow when the bill comes to way over £400 ($680) etc, he doesnt need to have every table filled , he doesnt need to be busy and rammed every night, he doesnt want that because his clients dont want that . Yet someone else would go in there, see some empty tables and try to sell him a myriad of options to get more bums on seats because they dont get business and/or marketing. Now as and when he ever does need it, Im his man because I simply said to him what I do but that I can see he doesnt need me , and he knew I knew my stuff .

    Those two things (A&B) have to be understood and the more you understand and excel at them the better, all the technical stuff can be outsourced easy as pie, its the business and marketing that you need to make it in this industry , and its that you need to take the time to learn as theres no quick win, theres no golden shot , this isnt some crappy reality game show where you just guess the right colour 8 times in a row and you win big, this is real life, with real business peoples real businesses.

    So if you fall for the BS or if you ask too much , then you need to seriously consider if you are ready yet, sure you may get lucky , but then youll be on here asking 'How do I market this for this prospect, how do I promote that?' well you should have already known that before visiting, you should have had a number of options, a number of planned strategies depending on what you discovered.

    Again Im not talking about 'how do I get this (technical issue) resolved' If you know something will benefit them and why and how but you need someone else to implement it, thats fine, If you have no idea whether this something will benefit them or how it coud benefit them then thats less than fine (IMO)

    This type of thing (ive just made this up) 'I met someone (a business owner) , they want this, now what do I do ?' type question , I often wonder should we be helping them , seriously, if theyve gone into it with their eyes that wide shut, arent they doing a disservice to our industry !


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  • Profile picture of the author Rob Richards
    Excellent post Ben.

    After reading through the thread, my biggest "that's right!" was what Voasi said about persistence. This business, like any other business, requires time, energy, work, persistence, work, money, work, planning, learning, work and oh, did I mention work?

    Anyone or any plan, system or method that touts anything associated with the word "instant" is probably worth a little deeper digging.

    When I started consulting with local businesses, I gave myself an 18 month goal, to reach a certain recurring income. Two months ago (after 1 year), I exceeded that goal and things are just now taking off. It took a lot of hard work (still does in fact).

    My mantra is simple...find something that works...focus on that 1 something until you're satisfied with the income...outsource the 1 something...then focus on 1 other something.

    Rinse and repeat, with the end result of multiple streams of income.

    Simple, right? Absolutely! As long as you're persistent and don't mind working =)


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    • Profile picture of the author Pestew
      Warrior Ben,

      My hat goes off to you, sir! This has been a eye opening and real learning experience. I actually thought you were slightly tough on her (in the very beginning) even though it seemed like she may have been exaggerating a bit.

      Holy Cow, was I wrong!! That thread was like re-living the Wizard of Oz, especially when you pulled the curtain back on the hidden man in the corner!

      Anyway, I think for some of us, as we feel the painful pinch of our tough economic struggles tend to let the B.S. guard down in the heightened hopes of finding “the wonderful land of Oz" answer to our searches. Thank God for people like you that help us find our “no place like home" land of reality.

      Thank You for being on the look out, Ben, plus our much needed reminder to be very alert and to not be afraid of calling someone out for the sake of your brother including the future of this great forum.

      P. S.
      Also, a Huge Thanks goes out for the assistance of all those who have stood tall together in the “witch hunt” (her/his words) and the terrific posts on this thread!

      P.P.S. Sorry for the Oz metaphors, we’re having a W. of Oz fest this week end. LOL
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    I've been told it takes about 18 months for anything to really pick up in a business like we are in. I mean others can work it much faster as they have more knowledge and time.

    I've been working mine for 18 + months not even part time. Quit my day job 1 month ago and now full-time on this business. So now I'm giving myself another 6-12 months full-time to make things happen. People give up too fast on their dreams. I've had the same dream since 2007 to work from home. I've made some money but I'm looking for that 10k a month passive income like everyone else. But in the mean time I'll be working my butt off trying to find offline clients.

    Anyway, I've seen a lot of stuff going on lately people bashing WSO's left and right. I don't know who was outted because I'm so new on here but I bought a WSO that two people started bashing a day later and tried saying the person wasn't who they really were. Selling WSO's under a pretty girls profile but it turns out to be some Harvard kids. The info was definitely stuff I'd never heard of before but doesn't mean it wouldn't work.

    The claims of money being made I know are always a lie when it comes to WSO's or Clickbank products. I know that going in to it when I buy one. I just like more knowledge or a different perspective.
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  • Profile picture of the author Daniel LaRusso
    I don't know if this is the right place for this, but there are some people who are in the business of putting out WSOs or courses. These aren't inherently bad people, scams, or bad information, but that's their business model. If they were out there actually practicing whatever it was they were doing, how could they have time to pump out and support WSO or offer after offer?

    I don't have anything against those folks, I'm just sayin. People like Warrior Ben,jrod, John Durham, John Spangler, and others who give away more valuable info than they ever sell....

    It is unwise to trust all you read on the internet.
    - Benjamin Franklin

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    • Profile picture of the author WillR
      Originally Posted by Daniel LaRusso View Post

      If they were out there actually practicing whatever it was they were doing, how could they have time to pump out and support WSO or offer after offer?
      Actually one of the reasons I created a WSO course was because I had people PM'ing me all the time asking for advice and wanting to see certain things I used in my own business. I did not have the time to keep responding to all those emails and PM's so I decided putting things together in a simple course would be the easiest way I could help a larger number of people without greatly increasing my workload

      You could argue that even those people giving away free information on the forum wouldn't have time to do so if they were actually practicing whatever it is they are teaching. It is what it is. IM is something I am very interested in and the only way you stay ahead of all your competition, whether it be online or offline, is by keeping on top of the latest trends in your industry. This forum is a great way to do just that so even if people are busy, a lot of them are still going to find the time to come over here and interact with other like minded people because it's something they enjoy and ultimately helps them succeed.

      I do agree with you though about those people who come out with a new product every few weeks. They are definitely earning more money from the 'teaching' rather than the 'doing'. However it doesn't take long to figure out which guys are full of BS.
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  • Profile picture of the author ShawnSells
    Thanks Ben for calling her/him out. It's risk to say anything negative about anyone here, but you deserve credit for doing the research and putting it out there. Evie's numbers did sound outlandish, but all it took is one person to call her on it.
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  • Profile picture of the author link82
    What a helpful thread here. Warrior Ben & Voasi, thanks for your input. As someone who is about to go off into the offline marketing territory, it really is hard to hear about how someone is getting a ridiculous number of customers a day when you're having a much tougher time.

    Some sweet stuff on this forum lately
    Quietly Selling Powerful Links. Just a handful on clean domains, PM me for inquiry :D
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  • Profile picture of the author Timaay

    Great post. And even more so great job stepping up and calling out someone/something when you knew it was not right. Not many people around here do that...

    Nice to see someone giving genuine information looking to genuinely help people. keep it up.

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  • Profile picture of the author AnthonyCurtis
    Thanks for your honesty Ben. It's critical to set proper expectations so Newbies don't quit, thinking there must be something wrong with them since everyone else is getting big checks so easily.
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  • Profile picture of the author Warrior Ben
    Thank you everybody for your very kind words and for the excellent additions to this thread.

    MRomeo09 and Vosai-- very excellent advice that will definitely help people keep the proper perspective as to what they can expect in this business.

    WillR, I really like your perspective on why you put out your WSO and I have no doubt that the reason your WSO is so successful is because you chose to spend the time making a quality product, not just something to make a quick buck.

    It was not an easy decision to call out "Evie"... if you look at my previous posts, I asked a few questions, but didn't go as far to call her an outright liar. I actually started to see the tide turn against me when I first really called her out and received a couple PM's and responses in the thread that had my worried if I was ruining my credibility that I have built up on the forum.

    Originally my whole purpose for calling her out was that I felt (s)he was doing a disservice to people new to the business and who had no idea what to expect. I know that if I was new to the business and I was reading about how easy it was to get multiple sales a day and then I was struggling to make even a sale a week, I would probably get discouraged and give up.

    However, once I was alerted to the $1,297 WordPress theme she was selling, I then knew her true motivations. From there it was like opening Pandora's box and I realized that this person has been doing things like this since at least 2006.

    Due to the sheer number of members and posts on WF, there is no possible way that the moderators can possibly vet every single thing that goes on here. By choosing to be a part of this community, we all should take the responsibility of stepping up and weeding out the bad apples.

    Does this mean that we should immediately call out everybody who makes a claim that sounds unreasonable? Of course not. As many mentioned in the other thread, this is a place to share ideas and we don't want people to feel scared to speak up and share ideas. With that said, if somebody is consistently spreading misinformation with the obvious goal of ripping off Warriors, then we should dig a little deeper and speak up with what we find.

    Thank you to everybody who sent me PM's and who helped me piece everything together. Ginder specifically was very public in helping me call out this person, but there were also many others who helped along the way. Although I took the lead on this, it was by no means a solo effort and I only deserve a fraction of the credit.

    Hopefully we can spot these people quickly in the future and send a message that we are on the lookout for people who are wanting to take advantage of newbies who don't know better.

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