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Wanted to send out some quick marketing lessons from my Vegas vacation that you may want to know and see how to apply it in your business. (actually lived out there for a while few years back and a whole other story)

This time, we flew out of Ohare in Chicago and only had an hour delay leaving, which is good for that airport.

The pilot actually was even nice about the delay commenting on how he is going to try to make up time so we can fly in around the expected time.

We arrive in Vegas and right off the airport terminal is slot machines with people playing.

Taking money from people waiting for and leaving their flights.

Then arrive at our hotel. If you are in Vegas anytime, then definitely think about staying at the Aria. It's the newer of the casino/hotels, right in the middle of the strip and absolutely beautiful.

You walk in the room and it says "Hello Mr. Barton" and the curtains open to the strip showing the vegas nite lights.

Definitely a wow experience. Everything is high tech and the beds are even the most comfortable ever.

It's late so we decide to check out the hotel/casino and I wanted to play a little blackjack. The first thing they do is exchange your money for chips.

This is psychological because now you have the color chips and it doesn't seem like you are betting as big or as much since only chips.

Also you are hearing machines chinging all around and people yelling throughout as though winning big. Vegas gives the promise of winning vibe.

If you were betting say $100 cash every hand, you might stop real quick when you see the dealer take your money...but if you are playing with 1 black chip($100 chip) or 4 greens(25$ a chip), it is just chips you are losing.

Even when your up you most likely want to keep playing because you just have a small stack of chips which could be hundreds or thousands depending on the chip colors.

You get all the drinks you want for free while playing, but by the time the waitress comes back, that beer might of just cost you $50 or more.

Also no clocks anywhere in the casinos. You lose track of time and continue to play.

The biggest advantage the casino has is time and that is the one major reason no clocks are visible. Also you then are more likely to lose track of time and most likely your money.

The casinos also throw the bathrooms and usually the atms in the back of the casino as well so you have to go by all the machines and tables before you get to or are leaving.

Here's a bonus for those who gamble machines. There is a machine that is guaranteed to pay out in all the casinos...

The ATM Machine.

Everything outside on the strip is lit up and looks like the place to be.

During the day it was really hot and even the homeless were becoming entrepreneurs. You see when I was last in Vegas it was pretty common to get asked for money walking down the strip all day long.

Now everyone is selling bottled water right out of a cooler for a $1 or $2. Trying to be an entrepreneur.

Then there is the entertainment, free and expensive shows, food, drinks, bars, clubs, and that could be in one casino or on the strip.

Really something for everybody of any age and an experience for everyone.

There is so much more to tell you about, but I'll end it here for now.

Just think of ways you could maybe put a little "Vegas" in your business and watch how fast your chip count and profits can grow.
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    Vegas is awesome! Maybe, if it's legal, offer to enter buyers of your product or ebook, whatever, into a drawing for a free product - a bonus. Make it worth at least as much as what they are buying.
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      Yes, you've unlocked some of the trusted psychological secrets of vegas.

      It's the only place who's sole purpose is to separate you from your money and tell you while they're doing it that you'll have fun giving it to them. lol

      But the big lesson to take away from vegas is what you mentioned.

      It's the experience.

      If you want a big boost in your sales, then change the experience your customers are having with you.

      This is also one of the secrets to apple's success. They changed the way you experienced purchasing, unwrapping and using your cell phone.

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    I'm looking to expand my business, I was thinking Cali, but after reading this post I'm thinking Vegas now.
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    That's a neat little discovery. How did you remember all of that stuff to be able to write a whole thread on it? I would probably remember the washrooms and that's it.
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    Yes, you've unlocked some of the trusted psychological secrets of vegas.
    I assume the lesson learned from all this
    is "Standing Out From The Crowd".
    Some states in the U.S. have Indian Casinos
    and they get a small share of clients
    but nothing compares to Vegas.

    I admit at times I purchase
    the product with the flashiest cover design.
    You've got it Made
    with the Guy in the Shades!
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    My parents are there right now. I really hope i don't get a call from them saying they lost the house/car lol.
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    Flashy can be cool, but would any of us really want our clients to feel the way we all feel about Vegas? Somewhat deceived, tricked into being quickly-parted from our hard-earned money, etc.
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    Thanks for the tips! I have a meeting with a big client tomorrow at Starbucks. I'm going to call ahead and have them take down all their clocks. I'm also going to make the client hand over their watch and cell phone so they can't tell what time it is.

    I love this forum!


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    There was an actual study done on timing of presentations and being in front of a prospect for a certain time. They showed a dramatic difference between x amount and y amount (cant remember exact times), but it was a difference of only a few minutes, yet had dramatic effect.
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    One of the things that Vegas does better than anyone is provide dozens of opportunities to part with your money. The more "asks" the more chances that the answer will be yes to at least some of those asks. I can see this being the case with online marketing. Being present and in the minds of your customers and having those buy buttons primed and ready to go.
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    Absolutely. Create the experience and give people an opportunity to buy and...

    ching ching.

    Thought I would throw this in here as well. They have a $10,000 drink for people. What's in it and what experience comes with it you may be wondering?

    Grabbed this online...


    • 1/2 oz Louis XIII black pearl cognac
    • 1/2 oz fresh squeezed orange juice
    • 1/4 oz apricot puree
    • 1/4 sence rose nectar
    • 2 ice cubes
    • 4 oz Charels Heidseck’s 1981 Champagne Charlie

    The orange juice and apricot puree are mixed and poured into the custom champagne glass. The champagne glass and Black Pearl cognac (served in its own custom-designed glass) are presented on a crystal tray along with a bottle of Charles Heidsieck’s “1981 Champagne Charlie”.

    The “XS” pearl necklace and “XS” cufflinks are also presented on the tray in their respective boxes. While the guests are ooohing and aaahing over their treasures, the server opens the champagne and finishes building the drink by pouring the Black Pearl cognac and 4 oz. of champagne into the glass with the juice mixture.

    Thirsty warriors?
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    1/2 oz Louis XIII black pearl cognac

    Louis XIII is typically $2500.00 a bottle or about $250 a shot by itself!
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