88 visitors per month. Is it worth pursuing?

by fin
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It doesn't seem like much but the SEOC is 88 for number 1. The searches is 210.

It's simple to rank number 1 for.

The competitors websites are not good at all imo

I want to go full time in the IM business but i'm a qualified personal trainer (not working in that field atm)

I figure I might still be able to quit current job if I get a few clients for a supplimental income.

I'd just need 2-3 clients per month from the 88 if they take 2-3 sessions per week and I have decent retention.

Is it worth pursuing as long as I can hit number 1 (which I will)

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    Yer.. You shoul go full time in the training related niches...and make thousands that's what I'm doing
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    let me get this straight, you are a personal trainer yourself, and you are looking to setup a website for your own business?

    If that is so, then what you want to figure out is what can 88 visitors a month do for your business?

    Out of 88 do you feel it is possible to get 10% (8-9) to join your personal training

    if so, then how much would those 8-9 people be worth to you?

    What I would also do is to create this site, and add an autoresponder to it, then you can provide more value to your clients with health and nutrition articles, videos on how to do exercises properly, blog postings, or creating future ebooks that you can sell to them, or maybe a 3-4 week video micro-continuity course they can buy, etc.

    I would also check out this guy on youtube, Steve Hochman. He has many amazing videos on how to market Personal Training and bootcamps. His videos have definately increased my revenues and I owe him a lot.

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    I was really just wondering if 88 visitors per month would be enough to sustain a business.

    2-3 new clients per week would be great from website.

    I'll check out youtube.
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    Where have you gone to discover the number 88? You can increase your traffic with key words and an SEO campaign. Check out platinumseotools. He helped me alot and I receive a bigger percentage of IM clients then you are shooting for.

    Think big and add one to two zeros to the number you are shooting for.. It is attainable and you will be really pleased with those results.
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    If you have 88 visitors that are your target market that's much better than 880 visitors who aren't. From what you are saying getting a few clients out of that 88 seems fairly likely. If you write some informative posts in a local fitness message board or to fitness articles in your local paper that could increase the number of targeted visitors to your site as well. (obviously a link back to your site should be included in your signature there)
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    I assume the term is "cityname personal trainer" or similar? If my assumptions are correct and you can build a website with excellent content and backlinks and given the very low competition you should have not any difficulty in ranking top 3 for this.

    What is a customer worth? I assume a few hundred dollars? If you could get 1 per week wouldn't that be great?
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    Yeah, I'd not need a lot of clients.

    I'd be happy with 10-15 hrs per week after a few months.

    So maybe 2-3 clients per month if they stay for 3 months.

    If I could get that with 88 visitors i'd be happy.

    I could write decent content for it.

    I might be able to get it to 200 visitors with extra keywords from extra content so thats a great idea.
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    Fin: If you can't get 2-3 clients per month just by word of mouth in your city, then forget the whole trainer idea. A website is just another tool for the local business owner. Get out there and do it all:

    - Website/Squeeze Page
    - Membership site
    - Online Training Course
    - Mobile Site
    - QR Codes
    - Business Cards
    - Flyers
    - News Paper Ads

    Just get out there. It's that easy.
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    210 exact doesn't guarantee 88 uniques per month - could be more could be less. If it's really easy to rank for though then I'd say why not - you'll know soon enough if it's worth anything or not
    RemoteControlHelicopterReviews.(com/net) - Up for sale! No reasonable offer refused. Great branding for a super hot niche!
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      I agree, if it's easy to rank for, why not go for it.
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      Good information .. Thanks for share with us.
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    That number is just an estimate not something to base any large decisions around. If you actually want to know how many people search for that each day run a small PPC campaign.

    Also personal trainers are normally gotten through referrals not google searching. Basing your entire business model around a keyword estimate is not a good idea. If you like personal training go for it, has nothing to do with search volume, sounds like your waiting for permission from someone, just do it.
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