Do you market more than 1 service at a time?

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My plan was to promote my lead in service, Google Plaes, than make upsells---mobile websites, site redesigns,Fanpages---once I have establishd a relationship with my customer after I have completed their listing.

OR should I promote all of my services at once using different marketing pieces?
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    Everyone has there own opinion on this one. I am the clients go to guy for any service they want... I might not specialize in it but i never say to a client or potential client... "sorry i don't offer that service" My answers are always, "Absolutely sir/mam we can definitely do that for you." Because wth my resources i can get it done, and I can most likely make some money in the process.

    Then you are looked at like that night in marketing shinning armor. They tell their friends how good of a job you did and you get more referrals.

    Some guys like to tell people to stick to a few and master them... but the money is really made when you start thinking outside of the box.

    That's my two sense!
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    To correctly answer your question... when starting out you might want to focus on a few like building websites and offering the places and listings packages and some marketing. Maybe a website build and a facebook page.. But start with whats going to get your foot in the door and then always have services that you can offer as an upsale.

    Remember as you start doing work for people they will be more open to trying new things and buying more from you. Don't try and sale them the farm right off rip you might scare them away. Go slow with the clients that don't know what they want. Educate them and help them. Earn their trust and then they will give you the keys to the bentley.
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    Designing/redesigning a website for a client opens a ton of doors
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      When I was new to the IM business, I was advised by one of my online friends to first focus on the services that I could offer to clients, since as a newbie, it is best to learn and in a way, master that service before trying to offer some other services to clients. It is a common action that most newcomers often make, as adrenaline or excitement probably overcomes them, they try and want to learn more skills in the IM business at the same time. That is where information overload will come, since our brain will be confused to which skills or services we wish to really learn and master.
      It is better to master first one skill/service before trying to learn other skills, so you could then offer other service after you are familiar and developed that skill.
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    Originally Posted by Johnny Danes View Post

    My plan was to promote my lead in service, Google Plaes, than make upsells---mobile websites, site redesigns,Fanpages---once I have establishd a relationship with my customer after I have completed their listing.

    OR should I promote all of my services at once using different marketing pieces?
    You need to be prepared to offer whatever it is that matches the clients needs. I have found that it is better to be well-rounded in terms of the services that you offer when first starting out. Once you see what is producing the best results for your clients, you can begin to focus more on that particular service.

    My sales funnel is:

    offline rental site > video marketing > custom blog > Google Places
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    I'm going to chime in and say it really depends on you, your business, and the client.

    If you are equally comfortable with all of the services you provide then you have many more options open to you. Focusing on the service or product you are most confident in will improve your initial pitch. Listen to the client and find a way to tie in other offers with the services they want/need.

    There are some clients who respond well when marketed several services, and others who grow impatient or annoyed. Try to get a feel for your client and experiment with methods that work well for you.
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    Personally, I like to meet with prospects. Then, after a fairly thorough discussion of what they are doing, what is working, what isn't, and their goals, I provide a very simple proposal. This will include some areas in which I have discovered HOLES in their marketing plan. This often includes social media which is a no brainer management service. I let them know that this stage is PHASE 1 and that their online marketing plan can get as comprehensive and active as they want it to be. The initial plan is cost effective (based on what I have determined their budget/expectations to be) but will almost always incorporate several services even in the initial offering. Then, around 3 months from the beginning of that campaign, I meet with them again to go over results, and make suggestions as to ways to ramp up the efforts.

    Mac the Knife
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    Personally, I like to put together a low-end but very unique pkg.
    Don't want to be seen as peddling the same thing as everyone else.
    After I get an in, I go the same rout as Gary. YESSIR, I can do that!!


    "Never make someone a priority in your life who makes you an option in theirs." Anon.
    "Some see private enterprise as a predatory target to be shot, others as a cow to be milked, but few are those who see it as a sturdy horse pulling the wagon." -- Winston Churchill

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    I promote whatever they want.

    First I ask...
    1. what kind of marketing they are using. what kind of follow up system. blabla
    2. then i ask them how it's working

    I sell them whatever isn't working or whatever they don't already have.

    "oh, so i noticed that you don't have a system to follow up with your customers."
    "did you notice that 65% of the people don't come back to businesses NOT because they hate you but because there's no way to follow up with them."
    "they're too busy... don't you get too busy to go to your fav restaurants sometimes?"

    Long story short, ask them what they want and sell it back to them.

    Btw, I recently had a client who wanted seo and email marketing at the same time so i told them let's get started with the email marketing first, and with the money we generate we'll get into seo. i told them "honestly, i dont want it to mess my conversion up since i wouldn't know where the traffic or sales are coming from. it'll make things a lot easier."

    the whole point is to build relationship with them and build TRUST so you can work with them for MONTHS, not just a single check.

    hope that helps! =)
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    Right now I only offer video production, video marketing and web design (I'm on my second web design client which I landed today! Whoo hoo!). I have two associates who operate businesses offering SMS marketing and social media marketing, we have all agreed to cross promote each other's services. It's an easy way for me to add expertise and extra services without having to be an expert in those areas. I'm slowly building a team for my local area.

    Learn how to make videos that sell. Special $1 Offer for Warriors Only.

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    I offer my clients: SEO, Social Media Marketing, SMS Marketing, Web Design, Logo Design, Software Development, Mobile App Development.

    - Ahmad
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    I always offer anything related to promotion and if there are things that seems new to me yet they still want me to add it up to the work that i do for them, i find ways to make it..besides learning new stuffs is challenging and interesting
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    It doesn't harm as long as you know where your focus is.
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