Wait...Is This Dog Food Talking To Me?

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Wanted to tell you about something that happened to me the other day and how it not only surprised me, but had me blown away.

My vet said we needed to get my dog some special dog food so I headed over to the local store that sold it.

As I walked down the pet food aisle, here comes a bark and then an old man with a southern accent telling me about his 100% pure and healthy dog food.

Was this man a ghost? Was this man talking from the other aisle? Was he hiding under the piles of dog food getting his message out to customers?

No, although would be pretty funny.

It was an electronic box that would activate and speak when someone walked by. Kinda like those Halloween gags where when you walk by it says boo or makes a noise!

The funny thing is...this was the only dog food company or really, only company I've ever seen do this.

Now I know some of you might have some ideas popping in your head right now and know some of you are probably wondering what in the world does a talking box and dog food have to do with your business?

The answer...Everything.

Imagine the possibilities, profits and costs saved by having this little box in stores for them. It's like their own 24 hour a day salesman that talks about the history and quality of product.

They never have to pay the box to speak to people, they never have to wonder if it's doing his job correctly, they never have to worry about someone missing their message.

If they walk down the aisle, they are going to hear the message and about their product.

This brings me to you now and 2 questions that could change your business for the better starting now...

Is there a way you can automate something normally not automated in your business and in field or niche?

Is there a way that you can get your message to more people with less effort?

It might not be a talking box, but it could be info left for prospects or something else that would draw them to your product.

You think on that and just remember the next time you're in the pet aisle and your hear voices coming from nowhere, you may not be as crazy as you thought.
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