Bartering with Gas Sation Owners + FB and SMS = ????

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I have a side business in which we do some minor detailing to people's cars that takes about two minutes and costs about $20. So far, I haven't had a place to really post up, and catch incoming traffic, therefore I thought about approaching gas/service stations to let me spend a few hours one day a week, to perform my service.

One of the station owners said yes, and he also has a deli in it (subs, wings, breakfast sandwiches. Even though it's not on a major intersection, and has only 4 pumps, I've found that close to 20-30 people an hour come in for gas, food, or "zoom zooms" and "wham whams".

My question is, instead of just paying him rent for a day or week, etc, I've been thinking about offering him a free fanpage, or one month of SMS. Again, between gas and the deli (the deli even has call ahead take out), he has a a lot of people running in and out of there.

In your opinion(s), what would be the better service to provide him for as a barter?

a) Fanpage, with a few pics and video testmonials

b) 30 days of SMS with 4 updates surrounding gas specials, food specials, even specials on my "quick detailing" service.

Thanks for your feedback
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    Either one. But he's probably more inclined to take the cash.

    Why not float the idea of putting up flyers all around the station for your detailing (you pay for and design them), in exchange for them taking a cut of your sales.

    Customer's could pay him, inside, so he knows it's all on the level.

    You could even bump your price a little higher on your end.

    Everyone wins.
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    I agree with the cut of your sales. If you normally charge $20 offer him $2 to $5 per client you service while there. And if he will put up flyers put a coupon on there for say $2 to $5 off and give him $1 to $2 for each client that uses the coupon. This is low risk for both of you. Honestly if you can make $20 for 2 mins of work you are looking at a poential income of a few hundred an hour if you can get a lot of clients.
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    Thank You Thank You!

    I was toying with the idea of profit sharing, but because I have 1 helper that I split the $20 with, it just flew over my head. However, I just might use this model because of the potential leverage. Meaning, getting 2-3 sations on board, and have my helper at one location, while I'm at another.

    @lodauric Yeah the income potential is very nice for an hour or twos work. Crazy how I stumbled on this niche via a homeless man (at least everyone thinks he's homeless). I just decided to take it from the side of the road/freeway exits to the gas stations because it's more targeted traffic.

    @max thank you for your words of wisdom and encouragement!
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    I definitely agree with what MaxReferrals said...

    In case you MUST go with bartering a service, I would think the Fanpage would be more cost effective for you, but the SMS services would be more effective for the service station. And the SMS shouldn't cost you too much anyway if his list is not humongous, but you'd have to run the numbers and see what works best.
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