See what happens when you add this little game changer to your sales pitch

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One of the things you can do with offering your services to other businesses is to simply show them how to teach their customers on how to consume their products.

You could even do this for your own customers.

Show them in what areas of their business your services will come in handy and be the hero for them.

Make sure you use word pictures when you're describing what benefits your services will bring them in your description. Or as they use to tell me when writing out copywriting ads, show them don't just tell them.

A nice example of showing your customers how to consume your product comes from Diesel clothing.

This video shows their market how to spread the word on their products.

You could easily do the same.
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    Very impressed! Excellent strategy I will certainly be teaching my customers and using for myself.

    And proof that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks. Yup, even at 50 and 25 years of marketing, I'm still learning!

    Thank you for sharing!!!!!

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      What's really good with what Diesel did was they brought in the customer (through watching the video) then they showed them how to consume their product. "Here take your phone an do this, then do this, then do that" The person watching can visualize himself/herself doing what's being asked of them.

      Show your market how to consume your products or services by taking them from start to finish of what it will be like when they are using what you have to offer.

      First this happen, then this happen, then that happens and so on.

      Don't tell me how great your spark plugs are.

      Show me how when I'm sitting at idle at a red light and a new camaro pulls up next to me loaded with all the bells and whistles, that when the light changes to green how I can tap on the accelerator and hear the screeching of the tires along with how I will shortly after be able to read his front license plate from my rearview mirror.

      Just an example...but you get the picture. Take me on a journey of your product or service and then hand me the key to unlocking the door and getting more.

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    The other great thing about this video, is it teaches a method (for FREE) on how to use QR codes + Facebook to help businesses. This free video teaches more than I've seen explained in WSO's you have to pay for!

    Bring the LIKE BUTTON to any retail store or business owner.
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    I'm impressed with the use of this strategy. This looks like the next wave in marketing. Its ironic but just yesterday I started going down my news feed really giving credit to the people that stood out with tons of likes.

    I have fallen in love with the broadcasting power of facebook. I can see a time when you can simply press a computerized like right next to items in a store without scanning. That would be a little expensive but a car dealership should already have that going.
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      And yet another video on teaching your market how to consume your product.

      This one is from macy's

      An idea for you to pitch to retailers is to place qr codes on their clothing that offers tips on how to pick out other items in the store that will go with that particular piece.

      Ex. Scan for matching jewelry.

      In doing this the retailer is getting the customer to consume more of their products.

      The qr code could lead to a video of the garment matched up with other items in the store. These could be items that the customer might not have thought to match up together.

      There are tons of ideas and uses for qr codes.

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    man think of ALL the production behind every qr code $$$$
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    Macy just showed us the PERFECT example of integrating a QR code right in their well known Brand symbol. the red star! AWESOME! Thanks for this thread, I hope it opens the eyes of a lot of firms.
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    I plan to redesign my company logo, business card, and other material to incorporate a QR code.

    I think it definitely helps show your prospects that you have present-knowledge.
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      I'm in a giving mode today, so how about one more video on consumption and showing your target market how they can use your products.

      This is a really good idea that was generated for ikea.

      Whether it's been fully implemented or not I don't know. Last time I was in an ikea I didn't see the qr codes.

      Anyhow, howcast created a qr code that when placed on their furniture would lead to this how to video.

      You could actually approach furniture stores yourself with this idea for using qr codes to show their customers how they can put the furniture together when it's in their homes. Toss in a few decorating ideas...and you've got yourself a nice use of the qr code.

      Use a nice call to action for your code like...scan for assembly

      Screener: Ikea |

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    Something similar could be done by restaurant or bar.. just think at the paper towel.. "Do you like our food? Just 'like us' on FB now! Scan this qr code!" and optionally ".. and take a free portion of dessert!".
    The only problem could be if you serve a bad plate

    ** The Offline Marketer :) **

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      Are people really going to take the time to scan these codes then click the like button though? I doubt it.
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        Originally Posted by Justin Chaschowy View Post

        Are people really going to take the time to scan these codes then click the like button though? I doubt it.
        I've got to agree.

        What's in it for the customer?

        I can see if you're offering some sort of discount but to tell customers to go into Diesel stores, see items they like, scan the QR codes then press the like button is less than ideal and I doubt they'll have much success with this.

        Additionally...please know that it is not my intention to belittle the OP's point, but how to you teach your customers to consume jeans.

        Customers want to be able to go into a store, buy what they want, and leave. If they like them they'll tell their friends. Instructing them to go through a process for items they like is not optimum and may very well back fire.

        There are situations when teaching customers how to consume/use your product. IMO this ain't one of 'em.

        Also I'd hazard a guess that people who shop at retail outlets like Diesels don't scan codes to find matching items.

        IMO Macy's implementation will be more successful because it offers the customer a reward (even though everyone won't win...the possibility is there).

        Just my .02

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          Let's do a little defining here.

          Here's's definition of consume.

          [kuhn-soom]   Origin Like this word?
             [kuhn-soom] Show IPA verb, -sumed, -sum·ing.
          verb (used with object)
          to destroy or expend by use; use up.
          to eat or drink up; devour.
          to destroy, as by decomposition or burning: Fire consumed the forest.
          to spend (money, time, etc.) wastefully.
          to absorb; engross: consumed with curiosity.
          verb (used without object)
          to undergo destruction; waste away.
          to use or use up consumer goods.

          Take a look at definition number 4.

          Now take a look at the interactions with the qr codes in these campaigns.

          They are consuming the products by way of that very definition. Does anybody really need a $150 pair of jeans? Nope, not really. But what the qr code does is it creates an interaction between the product and the buyer whereby more time is spent on watching a video, or signing up for an insiders list or whatever which can later lead to additional purchases.

          Consumption comes in many different forms. In this case it's time.

          Next up, as far as the using of QR codes for finding matching garments, it was an idea for retailers. Not macy's or diesel, they have some ideas already. However, at the smaller retail stores, this idea can work.

          I've actually talked to store owners about what people who come into their store have problems with. And one of those problems was finding pieces that go together and creating the right look. The QR code could be used to make recommendations, just like the sales people do when you go into the store.

          There are even retailers who carry clothing with qr codes on them that gives you a short story about the person who assembled that particular piece of clothing and the material used. And the QR codes are scanned a lot. Why? because it fits into how people use and think about QR codes. 44% of the people who scan QR codes are looking for more info on the product. (research done by lab42) When you design your program to give what the people who will be scanning the codes are looking for then your program fits in with the reasons why they scan them.

          Hope this info helps.

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