Can You Really Make $1,000 in a Week Online?

by Vanaye 13 replies
I'm new to this whole online thing and so I decided to seek some counsel from people who are actively making money online. If you don't mind can you give an idea of what you think the first month will bring in? What kind of business do I have to go into? Thanks so much! Maybe I should consider a forum...these things are rockin'!
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    this is the offline marketing section. mostly about things like building websites for business owners and handling their online and offline marketing which translates into getting more customers in their door.

    if you're interested in building purely online income where you sell products for others on your websites (affiliate marketing) or you display other types of advertisements on your website and get paid each time someone views it or clicks it then this isn't the section for you. this offline marketing section is for people dealing with other people in the real world.

    i suggest you start reading whatever you're interested in. don't expect people to answer silly questions like "what do i have to do to get X" no one is going to hold your hand in this aspect. this industry takes just as much time to learn as any other profession, treat it with respect and learn it the hard way, like thousands before you have. by having a passion for it, reading and learning what you need to know, and taking action.
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    you can earn more than your target if you work hard. what skill you have ? after that we can suggest how to get success with your business
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        Originally Posted by Ron Hitson View Post

        You guys are looking for the magic bullet.

        Questions: Do you know how to sell--be it on paper, on the phone or in person?

        If you can do that, you can earn $1000 per week.

        Combine your sales abilites with a good product or service.

        If you don't know how to sell, commit yourself to learning. Start by getting a couple of sales books and becoming a student of sales.

        At the end of the day, it's all about selling something. That's how revenue is generated.

        Stop looking for the fast and easy a foundation and as you get more experience things will naturally get a little easier for you. Not easy but easier.
        You can do everything else right, but if you cant "persuade" as Marlon Sandor says, then it wont work. Sales is partially the art of persuasion, and the other part is just elbow grease.

        Good news, you can make money in the PROCESS of learning to persuade because the universe has got a law of numbers to protect you while you learn as long as you are working hard.

        This poster (OP) wont have any prob though... Look at the enthusiasm in that post. He will persuade people if he/she has anything interesting at all to offer.

        Ps. Ron is right, nobody can say you will earn xx in xx time... It can be whatever you put into it honestly. You could start a mailing list TODAY with a free optin and send a welcome email with an affiliate link and make your first $15.00, or you could cold business owners and try to score an offline deal and you might make $1,000 your first week or even DAY in not too awefully rare cases.

        If you are on the level, and this isnt a return poster with a new name... then it seems like you may want to acclimate yourself to the online climate a bit first... that comes from just surfing around and getting an understanding of the WF culture...and how IMr's and offliners think and do things.
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    You can make $100,000 a week online if you really worked extremely hard at it for a while. The Internet is so vast that the possibilities are completely endless. Of course that would take A LOT of dedication and hard work, but its more than possible.

    Now lets talk about making $1,000 Offline
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    Its depends upon your hardworking and on luck . I have seen many people around me build a web and after that they are unhappy about there income . So try let see what will happened .
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    It's actually very rare for people to succeed within the first month. A lot of people who first start out online usually fail miserably for the longest time and then they eventually figure out a system that works for them and then they focus on applying it to many other online ventures they would like to step into. My favorite is setting up sales funnels

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    if u have our own websites than only u can earn the some of the money, by affiliate marketing or by some thing other i don't have any idea, or all the others ideas are bogus like the survey ...
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    Originally Posted by Vanaye View Post

    I'm new to this whole online thing and so I decided to seek some counsel from people who are actively making money online. If you don't mind can you give an idea of what you think the first month will bring in? What kind of business do I have to go into? Thanks so much! Maybe I should consider a forum...these things are rockin'!
    I guess this is one of those questions which can be answered only

    Yes you can make any kind of money online once you have a recognized brand or you have a lot of customers.

    Yes you can make USD 1000 in a week, and you can make USD 1000 in a day if you work hard. I speak from experience.

    >>>Get your websites ACTUALLY ranked by checking these out: Quantum SEO Labs, Home Page Link Building & SERP Ability. Want to get rid of negative listings? Check out Reputation Enhancer.

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    1000$ a week is plausible. If you know the rules of the game. There's a lot of possibilities on the internet. SEO, PPC, Adsense, or you can do some web design, content writing and even sell stuffs on the net! The opportunities are endless! The question is; Do you have what it takes to succeed? Do you have the skills? experience? Strategies? These factors greatly affects your success/failure percentage and even your weekly income.

    But if you're talking about easy money in just a blink of an eye then NO. All of these things must undergo into step by step basis.
    Also, be careful on the online jobs scheme that offers "work from home" with no experience required" blah blah blah! 9 out of 10 of it are frauds/scam.

    Hope this helps.

    For white label SEO visit

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    It totally depends on the jobs you are doing..1000 maybe means little for some people, but maybe means great for others.
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    Wow! Thank you for responding to me everyone! I can sell just about anything. I better start a post about how to find the different products and their reviews. See ya!
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