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I just had a meeting with the owner of a local drive through coffee shop to talk about a mobile website. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to sell her on that idea (she said she'd think about it), but then we started talking about QR codes.

She did like those.

But here's her problem. Everything she's done only gives her regular customers the discounts. She's done SMS texting, but out of 200 texts she sends out, only 3-4 people show up. She's done the Groupon thing and again, only her regular customers bought the discount.

She know's these are regular customers because they "drive thru" every morning or evening to get their coffee, donuts, tea, etc. To show you what I mean, here's a photo of what her place looks like.

She needs something to bring in new I'm looking for ideas on how she can use something like a QR code for marketing. Here's what she's already tried.

1. Groupon
2. SMS Texting
3. Ad in a local calendar that gets sent out.

She does not use coffee cup sleeves so she can't print on those.

Like I said, she wants new customers since her current ones are already happy and always buy from her.


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    Just a very quick one -

    1) Some sort of referral program that rewards her existing customers for referring friends, family and work colleagues.

    2) Discounts for uniformed or emergency services like police, fire and ambulance services as they probably drink a fair amount of coffee during the day.

    3) Work place of the month or week. This works really well for one of the local bars in my city. What it means is that they target corporate workplaces within the area and offer their staff a discount in return for access to their staff for a month or a week.

    4) A friend of mine uses her facebook page to allow customers of her coffee shop to place their orders before they arrive at the shop. This has been great for referrals as her regulars "like" her offers and share the link to her page with their friends

    Also has she considered deliveries to the workplaces that surround her premises and this could be another income stream that she could take advantage of.

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    Local JV.

    That window she has... trade space. She in a shopping lot or next to an office building, looks like?

    Have her put a flyer up on her window for someone, if they agree
    to put a "25% off your first order business card coupon" in their shop.

    Try a nail salon - perfect target demo.
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    might take a bit of coding... but have a QR code thats level with the window as people drive up and wait for the coffee...

    setup a tell a friend system like you see for email but sending it as an SMS message?

    you can build a system around the twilio api that registers how many people a certain phone number recommends when they reach say 10 people responding back... the original person gets a free coffee...

    their friends receive a txt saying free coffee coupon if they reply back to the text...

    thinking out loud here... not sure of the legalities either! lol

    anyway just a thought - hope that makes sense!
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    My first comment would be to stay away from Groupon. People love it but there are plenty of incidences where businesses got screwed out of a lot of money. Keep in mind with them you're not just giving customers a deal you're also giving Groupon a cut as well. There are also issues with customer loyalty, a lot of people who use Groupon go to businesses just because of the advertised deal and never go back. I suggest you google Groupon articles and read if it makes sense for a small coffee shop, personally I wouldn't recommend it though.
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      Thanks for the ideas guys. I knew you'd help me brainstorm.

      Some of the ideas are great but they leave me out of the loop. I'm a nice guy and all but I'd like to get compensated as well. The QR Code a Friend idea is cool because they'd have to refer 10 friends before they get their reward. Unfortunately I don't have the skills to code something like that.

      After I made the original post, I started doing some more brainstorming myself and this is what I came up with. Let me know your thoughts or please expand on it.

      Most of her customers need to be local. People who are driving on their way to or from work....or those who want a quick cup of coffee before shopping or whatever. BTW, her shop sits right next to a business 3 lane highway packed with stores and 3 malls. She has a great location. But getting back to my original thought....nobody who lives 30 miles away is going to visit her shop just for a cup of least I wouldn't.

      So we need to convince current residents to visit the coffee shop for the first time. Or make new residents aware that the coffee shop exists.

      So let's ask this question.

      "Who knows or has access to new residents?"

      The simple answer is "real estate agents".

      Real estate agents work with people moving into the area all the time. So how can we tap the resources of a real estate agents and make their customers aware of this coffee shop?

      Enter...the QR Code.

      Here's my thoughts....

      Tell a real estate agent that I'll pay to print their business cards if I can include a QR code on the back. This QR code will take the customer to a mobile "things to do - places to eat" directory. Then find local businesses to advertise in the this coffee shop lady.

      Ok. You have my permission to tear the idea apart or expand on it.

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    Good work.


    You've expanded your angle from the original post.

    So you say the single focus is this: >>convince current residents to visit the coffee shop for the first time.

    Realtors can potentially be a source. But you're relying on them to hand out their cards to drive traffic. How many do they give out in a year? A box full? 2 boxes? 500, 1000 more?

    Why would they give you the ability to advertise 10, 50, 100 businesses on the back of their card via your QR code, for $50 of payment for their cards?

    Plus, no mass handy-outy by them -- no coachpotato coin.

    Not rippin the idea, try it.

    But I'd want to be in front of as many potential new local sources of new customers as possible. You want to get paid, I hear ya.

    So why not work out a split on any sales that come in from coupons/offers/etc that are redeemed from those you display in the local stores/shops?

    What's the downside to new sales driven by local businesses to her?
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    is the problem more that ppl don't kno about her location or is it that she doesn't have good reasons (compelling offers) to offer the public?

    I think it's one thg if ppl don't kno about her... another if what she has to offer (convenience, variety, atmosphere, price, value, something unique, etc) is not what ppl can and alrdy get elsewhere.

    qr codes are fun and gimmicky, but wen u think about it, how many ppl wud really kno what to d w it?? if anythg it cud b a secret discount that the code leads to, but other than the geeky gimmick, I don't think it adequately addresses either challenges: 1. who knows about her and 2. why her?

    sometimes marketing and sales call for something more practical and low tech.... my 2cents, don't get caught up in the tech/medium of ur typical services. u may be an seo or local seo guru, but before that I think is that u r a master marketing consultant who has tech up his sleeves where appropriate.

    at least that's how I position myself. ur a traffic magician. the web is one source, but that's not ur only trick, right??

    good luck!
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      What does she really sell... I mean really sell well?

      Is there a huge markup on it? can it be paired with another low cost item to create a 'Tuesday Special' that SMS could spread?

      Sounds like she 'had' a list - is it still available? What tactics / offers were previously tried?

      Some gaps in there that would be helpful to know... There are many reasons why SMS might not have worked, and the #1 possibility is that the campaign was not well thought out.

      Do you have any of those details?

      Those are the things I would want to know prior to pitching a 'game changer'... and obviously a mobile site with daily specials could be that game changer. You would not have to blast so many SMS messages, just 'Did you see our mobile site special today' every couple days, then perhaps only once a week as people began adopting the habit of checking her site as they head out the door.

      Using daily combos, and changing it up periodically might be a draw for many folks... and the mobile site could collect feedback about the 'daily special' by using a like button or other counter method...

      HTH - Nice exercise by the way... Got me scratching my head...

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        Part of being a marketing consultant is putting together a marketing plan for businesses. Although many of the ideas given in this thread are out of your designated field, you can still make money from selling her the marketing plan(the ideas given here in this thread). Corporations and large companies pay big dollar$ for marketing plans.

        Also, radio may not be a bad idea, you could call the local radio stations sales department and ask if they know of any freelance media buyers and get some names. You can then contact them and work out a deal with them, they know how to buy the media and you have the potential customer-- make money together.

        Sometimes the old school ways work best, what about a light board sign or sandwich board sign near the roadway. What about doing co-op advertising with the local dry cleaners or gas station or any other business.
        Cross promote each others businesses. You get paid because you put the whole thing together, and by doing cross promotion you may get the other businesses as new clients in the process.

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    As has been mentioned, this type of place is going to primarily serve people who live or work within a certain radius. Why not pass out flyers with an offer and CTA to all the offices within 5 miles, and go out foor hanging flyers on residences in the same area.

    You mention she has a group of regulars, so I'd be trying to get some reviews from them, too.

    Think about why someone would go to her shop instead of Starbucks.

    I think Lime Cellular is the best white label SMS marketing platform.

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      I want to thank everyone for their thoughts and ideas. I have a meeting with the owner today to go over some of them with her. I'll let you know what happens.

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      In a beach town I lived the owner of a similar coffee drive thru had one of his workers out on the street every morning.

      How to get paid for this .. hmm

      Just a thought

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      Originally Posted by Mr. Subtle View Post

      Everyone's so hypnotized by the QR codes and other shiny new things they seem to have sailed right past this post (from a longtime direct-mail veteran). He's even done the design for you and everything for free.

      Nothing wrong with sticking to the basics that have been working for decades.
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        Originally Posted by Ken Strong View Post

        Everyone's so hypnotized by the QR codes and other shiny new things they seem to have sailed right past this post (from a longtime direct-mail veteran). He's even done the design for you and everything for free.

        Nothing wrong with sticking to the basics that have been working for decades.
        I thought the same thing.

        Nothing wrong with QR codes or anything, but good ole' direct mail will still provide you with solid results.

        Give them a deal that they would be crazy not to take you up on, even at a loss... just get them there. Its much easier to stop somewhere when you have already done it. Especially at a drive-thru where it truly doesn't take much effort or time.

        You will have that many more people who might come back again and again just on impulse buys: They fancy some coffee, they are driving past, they remember the great coffee she got that one time, she pulls in because it only takes a few minutes.
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    Why not give out free coffee, or discounted coffee for a few hour window once or twice per month. Then market that. If they give what people want, I am sure some will come back.
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    Coffee shops have a geographical limit - in other words noone typically goes out of their way for their morning coffee. She needs a way to capture people that travel by the coffee shop and don't stop. Perhaps the referral program would work - but most of the best promotion - ie. signage, local advertising are are probably best done offline.
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    You could have her run a coupon ad advertising a free cup of coffee for anyone who redeems their coupon at her store. This is a good way to get the coffee shop busy, and to demonstrate her credibility as a local source of great tasting coffee. Plus, some of those who do show up will take a look at the menu, and will decide to purchase something else also.
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    • This looks like a great publicity/create a buzz (pun intended) opportunity. But they may not have the patience to wait for it to bear fruit. Only you can decide that.

      On top of your regular services, you can charge them to manage their publicity, promotions and social media.

      Get every customer that comes through the drive thru to sign up for the email list for specials.

      I would run with the "Island" theme. The owners have gorgeous pictures of tropical places they want to visit on their website. So it is not a fake image, they really love Island life and all that. Play that up- maybe have an Island themed promotion once a month. Send out press releases to all the media.

      Here's a tip- try to have your promotion on Saturday because TV stations are more apt to cover it. They don't have near as much going on and are more likely to cover local interest stories. For TV you need a very visual angle so think of things you could make action oriented. Like maybe a coffee-chugging contest or something crazy like that. They may not have the room to do stuff like this so it would have to be outside which raises some weather issues in that part of the country.

      I wouldn't buy radio. To get any dent in the Pittsburgh market at all you'd have to spend too much. Better to spend that money on guerilla warfare.

      But, ask their customers what radio station they listen to most. Then offer to bring the morning crew of that station free coffee and food one morning. The leverage is that they were in fact voted #1 by Pittsburgh magazine. So they are not just any old coffee shop. If the morning show is a "zoo" type then bring them crazy Island straw hats and Island themed gear along with the coffee and food.

      Try that same angle with other media. If they won't put you on the radio or TV, find out if their website have local interest coverage. Often a TV has a separate staff assigned to cover stories for the website only. Get in touch with them. Heck, most newspapers have better local video stories on their website than TV stations have on their sites. Get in touch with all of them and get covered.

      Local is huge right now. You have a great local success story. Tell everyone. Are there any local YouTube stars? Get them to come down and shoot some video there. Or just shoot your own and post it.

      I'm just rambling here but you have a great opportunity. It looks like a small business with a great story but a limited budget. I would go crazy with creativity to build awareness among people not buying from them yet. Crank up their social media to the hilt and make a ruckus. Now is the time to get wild.
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        Wow. You guys are awesome with all the new ideas.

        I did meet with the owner again today and talked to her a bit about some ideas (no details but general ones). I also created a flyer for her to post on her drive thru windows that's basically a QR Code which goes to their Facebook Fan Page so visitors can "Like" them. We're hoping that as people sit there in their cars waiting for coffee, they scan the code and like their page.

        She "Liked" that will be laminating the flyers and putting them up tomorrow.

        But here's the million dollar question for you.

        With all the new ideas posted (and others I have in my head), I'm ready to push forward and hopefully do more for her. But how do I get paid for something like that?

        If I were to propose to her that I want to be in charge of her marketing, would I get paid a certain amount per month, or based on increased sales (how do you keep track of that?) etc.

        Basically, how do you determine what price you're worth when you're just starting out and have no track record with other companies? She'd be the first one as a full blown marketing consultant for her.

        Thanks again for all the ideas.


        P.S. She also told me she's a part of a small networking group with other local businesses and said it would be good for me to join. It could get me more business.
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    How about going old school and have a free coffee tasting... put up a tent, get some little tasting cups, have a bunch of sample brews to be tasted, maybe some small pastry bits,etc.

    Now, make up a press release, "Free Tasting party at Best coffee place in Pittsburgh", something like that. Send it to every radio station, tv station and newspaper in town. Get the local businesses to post fliers for it (if they need a bribe, maybe bring some free coffee & pastry with you.) Maybe have some fliers passed out in the target area.

    Be prepared for it. The more press you get the more visitors you'll get, including "looky-loos." And new customers will probably come in before the tasting because you've piqued their curiosity.

    Good luck,
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    What about Bluetooth marketing?

    Buying a bluetooth dongle and advertising to everybody with a bluetooth enabled phone within range of her antenna.

    Impulse coupon for impulse buying, perfect for coffee.
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    I would look into proximity marketing. You can market right to drivers that are stopped at a stoplight right near her business & motivate them to come in for a Free Coffee or 50% off a Latte
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    If you have the budget I agree a radio spot on a morning show would be the best option.

    Another is go to the local busineses and drop off a stack of BOGO or even a Free coffee coupon.

    You might be a redneck if you push email submits and fish at the same time!

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    If you haven't done so, begin to build your own list for SMS blasts. Then you can get the businesses you solicit an instant business infusion (for a nominal fee of course) from providing them the opportunity to have their promotion texted to your already established list.
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      everything you would need could be done with SMS texting... Dutch brothers
      coffee has been doing this for over a year now... Once a month they send
      out 1/2 price coffee SMS Blast for the day... ALL 9 locations in my town
      here are slammed all day long... I talked to one of the girls there, she told
      me they serve 8 times as much coffee on sms day as any other day period.

      I would suggest getting on a Fabulous SMS system... LOL which we talked
      about... Going live Thursday Night 7pm mtn time... If you need any ideas
      or help catch me on skype... BTW the demo video is now up...

      Click on the Banner in my signature then the DEMO VIDEO link...

      Hope all is going well.

      Mobile Fusion Texting (The Ultimate SMS Texting Platform for Warriors)

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    Having read all the responses and considering the goal to increase NEW customers and that MOST of them will come from either close by residents or workers I like the response from Mr Subtle to send postcards to a carrier route.

    Secondly just going around to businesses one afternoon on a "sales blitz" giving away coupons and or freebies is what I would do. It seems crazy to me to see anyone in the food biz WOULD NOT do this when they wanted to drum up some business.

    I love all the new media and stuff but for this type of biz in the given situation , old school sounds pretty good.

    I dont really see how this place wont do well.
    Now I looked at one more thing and I know you said she doenst print sleeves but what kind of cup does it come in, plain or branded.
    Here is a killed referral idea that will be super simple to implement. Have her talk to current customers and have them pass out free coffee coupons to there friends. There can be a spot that says Compliments of _________. So they can be the goods guys ,score points with their friends and give away YOUR coffee.

    Now this gets a little fancy but if you want to further increase engagement, the coupon for the freebie requires the user to write the code down. Where do they get the code, by liking her Facebook page which then reveals the secret code.

    If she can get them to do that THEN when new customer comes in hit them to subscribe to SMS with another ethical bribe.....

    And if you are really pushing the envelope the bribe is a Great Karma Bride that gets the redeemer a discount coupon AND a couple free coffee coupons to give to HIS friends... And it goes on.

    Good luck!
    Promise Big.
    Deliver Bigger.
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      I find this discussion interesting. I just launched my own business last Friday. I had a clear goal after alot of research on this forum. It's already changing.

      I have a unique situation. I am starting my biz in a community of 1800. Then surrounding area. Rural small town. I want to get the kinks out before I hit two cities within an hour away.

      So how successful can a SMS campaign be? I gather she has a SMS list of her regulars (200 or so) that she obtained in her shop. That makes sense. The SMS campaign then can only have the goal of bringing the regulars back in if they haven't been coming, or to reward them as customers.

      Customer acquisition is hard. Retention of current customers is also important. So I disagree with an argument that the discount isn't "worth" it because the "regulars" cash in on it. I think that is part of the marketing strategy. Many businesses are so focussed on new customers they forget about their loyal ones.

      I am saying that an SMS campaign that targets regulars and offers them discounts they use is a solid campaign

      Then I wrestled with the question, if a business is small (like the coffee shop or like the small community I am in) and you gather the subscribes right in the business, what do you do next?

      The simplest answer is to obtain other subscribers via nearby or complimentary businesess. After reading about the various ideas on the forum, like pizza flyers etc, I discovered an untapped outlet in town. We still have an independent DVD and Blu Ray rental place in town. He puts out 20 to 50 new releases every Tuesday of every week. He was using a blank case with two stickers on the front. Now, every DVD or Blue ray will have an advertising insert in it. I am promoting my online site a deal of the week that 6 businesses can participate in. I also plan to get more subscribes for 2 other SMS campaigns.

      One of the restaurants is going to let me send out a pizza flyer on every box...I can build my SMS list there and sell a few ad spots as well.

      Paying attention to current customers is a marketing strategy and a good business plan. So don't disregard a campaign that doesn't bring in fresh clients...making the current ones feel special is important too.

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        Sorry....I changed my mind about providing "THIS Info" for "Free"! It's working TOO Good!

        Don Alm....
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        • Play up the QR code like a "Fast Lane or Fast Track" tag they use on the expressway...or on bridge tolls...

          the "Coffee Klatch" has their "usual", I'm sure...they get a special coded QR that tells the baristo what it is...all they do is "flash the badge" - in and out before you can say jumping java...

          The code can also keep a tally, and that can be applied to credits for "special blend"

          Others will see them do it, and maybe it will generate some interest and customer retention.
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            Actually....I stopped off at my local Bagel Shoppe (She also serves Espressos) this morn and showed new owner the Sample I made for Mike's coffee stand.

            She LOVED IT!

            So...I'm making one for her and will install it at 2 local motels.

            A WIN-WIN-WIN deal!

            Motels Win - they show guests where to get Espresso
            Bagel Shoppe Wins - she gets biz from Tourists staying at local motels
            I Win - puts moola into my back account each mo

            Don Alm....amazed at ALL the Opportunities to earn money
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          Originally Posted by midasman09 View Post

 may be asking, "Hey Don! The Stand says, "FREE Latte or Mocha"....then...I find out it's a "Buy 1, Get 1" deal! What gives?

 may get 1 or 2 tourists "Ticked" at finding they have to BUY 1 before they get 1're get ticked and LEAVE the what? They're "cheapies" never to be seen again!
          I like this idea except for the part above. The sign on the hotel desk implies an endorsement of the business by the hotel. If I was the hotel management, the very first time one of my guests complained about it, I'd throw the sign in the trash and never have anything to do with that coffee stand again.
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          • Profile picture of the author midasman09
            Soooo.....just print a "qualifier" on the sign!

            "Buy 1 Latte or Mocha and get 1 Free!"

            Don Alm...just trying to toss out some "possibitilites"...WITHOUT trying to "Sell" my stuff!
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              I think Don's idea is a great one for getting extra business which everyone wants. But getting back to trying to get new local clients.... How about doing a promotion for a while where if you buy 3 or more cups they are all 50% off. Call it something like " Share your coffee with your friends!" using the word "they" twice which implies to them this promotion is theirs. Make sure the cups have lots of advertising on them. Besides the usual name, address and telephone number, include a QR code informing them that it leads to other specials of the month (read: she needs a mobile site that needs regular maintenance). Also if they return the cup, they get a free munchie (and of course they will also need a coffee with that). I know the garbage will pile up, but what is it worth to have these "new" potential customers actually drive to her shop.
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        • Profile picture of the author jasonx2
          Originally Posted by midasman09 View Post

          Sorry....I changed my mind about providing "THIS Info" for "Free"! It's working TOO Good!

          Don Alm....
          The info you provided was to offer a FREE COFFEE at a local coffee shop in an ad placed on the front desk of a hotel. The ad says "free coffee" then you suggest when the person gets to the coffee shop that it is a B1G1. You also suggest that it is o.k. because the manager of the hotel knows about the bait and switch.
          I have a few additional ideas to go along with yours ( tounge in cheek)
          Imagine if in addition to your free coffee bait and switch, we include a Free wifi offer and a free parking offer!

          It would go something like this...........
          Yeah...... "Free Wifi" and then when they get to the coffee house tell them that this is only after they pay $5 for the first 10 minutes! Just to get them stewing a bit. Then when they try to collect their free coffee, tell them they have to buy one first! Don't worry about the bait and switch, it is o.k. because the hotel manager knows all about it. Also When they get their ticket for an extra $1 (total $9--$3 for first cup of coffee $5 for first 10 min of wifi and $1 for first minute of parking) and they ask why, just tell them "well thats for parking!" When they tell you that your sign read "free parking" Just tell them that is only after they pay for the first minute wich cost $1.

          When the customer gets all kinds of pissed off, just instruct the kid working the counter to tell him "Chill dude, its o.k., I can charge you CUZ the manager knows about it. Enjoy your 2 cups of coffee you just paid $9 for. By the way dude, you are by yourself What did you need two cups of coffee for?"

          Jason Long time "rat pointer outer" If I sniffs one out, I call one out!
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          Originally Posted by midasman09 View Post

          Sorry....I changed my mind about providing "THIS Info" for "Free"! It's working TOO Good!

          Don Alm....
          That's OK, it's still in Google cache...

          GRAB YOUR SOCKS! Here's something that will...

          1) bring the Coffee Stand some extra biz
          2) provide a "service" to local motels
          3) put some coins in YOUR POCKETS...every month!

          Tourists who register for rooms in local Motels (You must have 1 or 2) have money and....would rather have their favorite Java (Latte or Mocha) in the morn...than the "liquid" that passes for the motel!

 can "little ol' you" do ALL 3 of the above?

          1) Make up an 8.5 x 11 sheet on your pc (I use MSPub) (See below)
          2) Go to Staples and buy a "Slant Back Plastic Display" (about $12)
          3) Print out the sheet and insert it into the Plastic Display
          4) Take Display to local motel and show it to the GM. Tell him/her that YOU will provide the Sign (to sit on the Front Desk next to where guests register) and....FREE Lattes or Mochas to their guests, from a local Coffee Stand. (Go to 2 or 3 or more, local motels (It's FREE to motels and provides an EXTRA SERVICE for their Guests)
          5) Go to Coffee owner the Sign that will sit at Front Desk of X Motels with X rooms. Tell Coffee Shop they can have exposure to X Tourists...every day....for X$ per month

 set up a Mobile Site (using Quentin Brown's or WillR's program) and....the site shows a Picture of a Latte or Mocha or both with the words; "Buy A Latte or Mocha and Get 1 FREE at ISLAND BEAN CO!"

          You also have a picture of the Coffee Stand and the address and maybe even a Google Map on the Mobile Page.

 may be asking, "Hey Don! The Stand says, "FREE Latte or Mocha"....then...I find out it's a "Buy 1, Get 1" deal! What gives?

 may get 1 or 2 tourists "Ticked" at finding they have to BUY 1 before they get 1're get ticked and LEAVE the what? They're "cheapies" never to be seen again!

          However....MANY who see this offer ON THEIR PHONES.....WILL go to the Coffee stand and take advantage or the..."Buy 1, Get 1" deal.

 are YOU gonna make some moolah with this? Well.....YOU are going to set up the Mobile Site (with QR Code)....print out and set up the Plastic Displays.

          And....let's say you get 1 motel that has 80 rms. One stand and a sheet of paper printed on your inkjet....$ TIME and Talent!

          Considering the motel MUST have at least a 40% occupancy or they will NOT be in business....80 x .40 = 32 people a day x 30 = 960 x 1.5 people per room = 1,440 people per month.

          Let's go for a minimum of 10% (144) of the guests will buy a "Small Mocha for $3.70". 144 x $3.70 = $532.80 a month. So....$1 a room per month ($80/mo) would NOT be "exorbitant"! Fair to the Coffee Stand AND Fair to you!

          And....let's say there's another 80 rm motel in your town. Charge them 50cents/rm per day = $40/mo....for your "$12 Investment"!

          So....How you doin? How's the Coffee Stand doin?....for their Investment of $120/mo?

          Granted....for every one of their $3.70 cups of small mocha...they give away a the Coffee Stand STILL making money...providing 2 cups of Mocha for $3.70? You betcher Boots! They're collecting $3.70 they would NOT....normally have!

          (My favorite Coffee Stand sells 300 cups a day. Can they handle an extra
          10 to 20 cups a day?)

          WELL WORTH CONSIDERING! You can change the numbers whichever way you want but....I have Pizza Joints paying $10 a room per month ($14.99 for a pizza is lots more than $3.70 for coffee)

          Don Alm....Idea Guy
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  • Profile picture of the author Eddie Spangler
    If you dont like the EXACT way Midas is doing it then YOU can always make the sign a little different. Like" 2 for 1 lattes for Ramada customers or whatever." or put a disclaimer that its bogo. You dont have to use a qr code for that matter you can have the customer take a picture of the sign or show a room key or WHATEVER makes sense to you.

    Midas is simply giving the idea that WILL work as people have been doing versions of hotel marketing for a long time now. This is just a way to capitalize on the advances in technology.
    Promise Big.
    Deliver Bigger.
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    Have her cater the coffee to a few local business events, the chamber of commerce meetings, church and civic groups, and try to partner with another breakfast type business. Then have the QR codes printed on advertising material like a coffee sleeve (she needs to start using them, because they are like mini billboards), on coasters, and napkins, newspaper ads, free local publications, any way to get the word out. Make the QR code tied to a deal on the coffee, add a donut, whatever. The people connections will pay off with all of the buzz created by the local businesses being catered to.
    Coach Mike Horn
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    • Profile picture of the author midasman09
      Re: my.... "FREE Latte or Mocha" sign on motel counters;

      Sorry folks....installed this in 4 motels and WOWEE! PULLING in biz like CRAZY!

      From my MANY yrs of marketing and promotion...."Ya GOTTA GIVE 'EM A REASON TO ACT!"

      Ya gotta "Grab 'em by the Greed Glands!"

      "FREE"....always is a GRABBER! And it's Grabbin' !

      And...for you folks who've never done "promo" stuff b4....the "Management" of my motels KNOW....about the "2fer1" deal behind the word "FREE"!

      Don Alm....long-time ACTUAL marketing and promo guy
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    At the top of my head, here are some ideas:

    1. Free doughnuts or new pastry offerings for sampling
    2. Surprise giveaways for the first 20 customers between 6am and 8am, or peak hours. Announce that to members who liked your fan page on Facebook or Twitter
    3. Free Wifi access (so they can check their work emails or catch up with news) while waiting for their turn to order and claim their coffee at check out.
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