Question about Outsourcing Telemarketing

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Hey guys,

If I were to outsource my Telemarketing to another party, is it assumed for their hourly rate that they will have a dialer?

How do I get them access to a list?

How do I "scrub" that list againat the Do Not Call list?

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    Jeremy, Im not sure why you are asking this, you have full VIP access to the telemarketing forum. You need to look around at your membership priviledges. You have been there for awhile, and even fairly active, so I dont understand how you wouldnt know that you have access to the lead generator and pre-scrubbed lists, being that its one of the main features. If you dont know, just hit the "your virtual office" tab at the top of the forum. For that matter, these are basic questions we have answered there 100 times.
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    Hey John, I have logged into the VIP office, but, was just a little unclear about the access to the dialer. Didn't mean to sound dumb, but, I AM from Alabama after all. I posted this question on TMF the other day, but didn't get any answer.

    I was hopin to be able to use those tools. Just trying to get some clarification.

    How's that matter with your grandson? I am still always available with an ear and a shoulder.

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