Google Places activation postcard?

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Hey Warriors!

My dad is looking to get more leads for his contracting business. I figured until I can get a website up and running for him, that I submit a google places ad.

My question here is, I know a lot of people do Google Places submissions for offline clients. What I was wondering is, how do you guys do it if you dont have that little postcard thing mailed to you. Also, it says it takes 2-3 weeks

Any suggestions?

:: Matthew P
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    It sounds like it's not a new business, so he probably already has a place page set up but just hasn't claimed it yet. He will need to claim it and in most cases, Google doesn't give an option for phone verification. But as long as he only claims it and doesn't make any changes to it, then he may be given that option. Save making any changes or edits AFTER it has been verified.
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    Nah, its a private owned business, and there was nothing previously online for the business. He works out of our home as well, so the there's no office building or anything that the address can be tagged at. When I added the business number, it said it wasn't created previously.

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    Hey Matthew,

    You probably just need to submit a brand new listing and then wait for the card. Unfortunately there is no way around it nowadays since they removed the phone verification option : (

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