May have just landed my first mobile site client by accident

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So this is a cool story that i hope shows business owners are looking to spend money on solutions like mobile sites and online marketing.

I am still in the process of getting my offline biz together, building the website, testing mobile design platforms, ect. I know I shouldn't worry about all this, and I should just take action but I like to have some sort of foundation.

But anyway on to the story of the day.

I drove over to my sign maker's shop today to pick up a couple metal road signs for our pool construction comapny. While in there I had mentioned to the owner how I was thinking of adding a QR code to the sign that linked to my mobile site, he mentioned he is seeing more and more people get into those codes and blah , blah, blah. Nothing really came of that specific conversation with the sign guy, but all was not lost.

As I was walking out of the sign shop with my signs one of the other customers who was also there picking up signs asked me what a mobile website was! Ding ding ding! My moment of truth.

I told him it was a website that was optimized for mobile phones, then I asked "Would you like to see one?" Of course he said yes so I pulled out my EVO.

I dialed up the site I am making for my pool company. I demonstrated the tap to call, and tap for directions/GPS features. This guy was all about it!

I then went on to say, "if its something you're interested in I could do something up for you?"


He asked me for my card, I didn't have one yet of course, he gave me his and added my number to his phone under 'Jay-Marketing', and said he is definitely going to give me a call to work on something for him!

Sweet thing is he had me bring up two of his sites for two separate businesses and I was able to show him how poorly his site performed on the phone! It was a total ah ha moment for him.

The greatest thing was I was able to give my first ever offline mobile marketing pitch to a business owner and I had no time to prepare, nothing but my phone in my hand and my ability to sell myself.

The point is business owners want this stuff.. you just have to get in front of them, make the calls, and SHOW THEM THE BENEFITS. I did not talk once about design, the mobile platform or the technology, redirect scripts, any of that. All I did was show him what my cool mobile site did, and what his current site could not do currently, THAT WAS IT!

I will be sure to update you guys with how this goes, I plan on also checking out his sites for SEO purposes and being more than prepared to wow him when we meet on multiple levels.
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    Cool dude. Glad that worked out for you. How much do you plan on charging him for your services?
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    Your story reminds me why I *never* go out in public again without my 'work shirt' and slacks on...

    Nice Job!

    Can't wait to hear the results from the call...

    Go Get Em Tiger!
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    thanks guys! I'm pretty pumped.

    @danielkanuck the guy seemed like an old business vet that knows the value of marketing and investing in his business and seemed very eager for something new than can help him. My original price plan was $249 plus hosting and maintenance but now i am think of charging $397 for the basic mobile site plus $75 for each extra page then do an SEO report and try to upsell him SEO services on the back end. Sweet thing is I can start at $399 then if he has me do both his sites drop it down to $345 each saving him $100.

    @Pierre I work for a pool company and I'm always around chemicals and taking aprt pumps and stuff int he store.....l was wearing a t-shirt and cargo shorts!! But I am ordering business cards before I go to sleep tonight!

    "The force is strong with this one"
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