Realtors + mobile sites = $?

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Just brainstorming some more marketing ideas right now...

Think its a good idea to sell mobile sites to realtors?
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    Depends on the realtor...

    I've sold mobile sites to realtors before.. It works. You're gonna need a longer funnel than that if you want to make good money though..

    i.e. Sell real estate brokerages a mobile site package for each property they list, complete with a QR code that they can put on their advertising and you've got some decent volume.
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      Where do I get the information for their property listings. And where is the best place to find contacts of realtors?
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        I think that agents are more open to blogging.
        Maybe try and sell them moreso on blogs than websites.

        If I was selling websites/mobile sites I would be more inclined to contact the broker/marketing manager than the individual agents.

        Originally Posted by newuser_2 View Post

        Where do I get the information for their property listings. And where is the best place to find contacts of realtors?
        Try craigslist..
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        You can pick up a local flyer and find Realtor names there. Also look at Zillow or try here
        Find Real Estate Listings, School and Neighborhood Information and More - Realtor.comĀ®

        Originally Posted by newuser_2 View Post

        Where do I get the information for their property listings. And where is the best place to find contacts of realtors?
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    Just if you think its the good time for end-users now, what a realtor would with a mobile-site if he can't re-sell right away to an interested end-user? I believe its a bit early, hope I am wrong
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    Just my two cents worth, since I work for a real estate company... Considering the state that the real estate market is in this country right now... you're going to have a hard sell on your hands when approaching agents (who are struggling and most have had to pick up a second job to make ends meet) and approaching Brokers who are are watching every single penny of advertising in order to keep the doors to their company open.

    The real estate business model is worse than going to Las Vegas. Agents are putting up their own advertising money up front, HOPING that maybe 2 out 10 of their listings will sell and that they will make enough money on the two to cover their expenses on the other eight homes that didn't. I can't think of a bank anywhere that would give that business plan funding if it was presented to them for a loan.

    On the Other Hand, if brokers/agents want to continue to reach a new generation of buyers who do everything on their phones... they are going to have to be thinking about using this technology to reach those consumers. So there is an opportunity... just depends on the condition that the local real estate market is in at the moment
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    I don't even try to sell anything to realtors anymore lol I don't know if they're broke or just cheap but they are hard to sell to (In my experience) unless you put together a whole package with just about any and every service you can think of and price it at like $200 lol but in my experience it has not worked out and I tried the mobile site thing too. Unless you're targeting realtors who sell luxury homes, but since they have the money to spend they probably already have all the lastest advertising tricks that they need. But you can pick up a free home magazine from your local grocery store and get contact names and email addresses from there.
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      Anyone wanting to do this please contact me _ i have the perfect tool that makes qr codes captures leads builds sms campaigns has crm and builds a full mobile site for their property in 2 minutes
      This will make you loads if you use it
      Please pm me for more info
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        Just sent you PM, very interested to hear what you have. Please respond
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          i need your email mate i cant reply yet.
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            Realtors were a hard sell even before the housing market crash and even tougher now. I have been working with a broker for a couple of years and even have great success for him (SEO), he is reluctant to front any expenses for mobile sites and/or a combination of QR codes and SMS.

            I have a killer mobile site platform that is pulling listing data directly from the local MLS so their site is dynamic for their listings, and have offered as low as $10 per agent per month with little success.

            Plus even at $10/mo for a solution, the agents are EXTREMELY picky. They expect custom, make me different, unique, flashy and stand out for $10/mo.

            I have moved on from real estate other than my existing SEO clients.
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              You have to understand in Real Estate there are 95% of Realtors who don't make jack for money. Why not go after the top? It's not that hard to find out. You just call the local real estate agency and ask who the top agents in the area are. They already have that data compiled. Then look up phone numbers, email adresses and market away.

              The difference between the Top 10 realtors in your area and the average realtor is generally 100x or more. It's huge. You don't need all realtors, just the best ones.

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                Realtors are lazy - i have got to say here at least 80 % wont even answer their phones most the time even in this economic climate when leads are golden
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    Can anyone recommend the best type of prospective customers for mobile websites?

    I've also tried selling to realtors, but not a lot of conversions.
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  • I would say along the same lines as mobile sites for Realtors , supply Realtors with a short code i.e 5555 , get them to put it on their marketing supplies and outside open houses.
    ( Txt TonyEstates to 5555 for more information about this house) this technique is a good presale before you get them a mobile site once you have captured new potential sales for your client, they will take whatever you are selling/managing. Also this technique will build a list of potential clients when they txt in / to get a short code in your area just search it in google.

    Fraser Mackie
    Affiliate Manager

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