A Simple But Effective Way to Sell 10x More Easier a Prospective Client

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I've been doing offline marketing for a while helping local businesses with their SEO and PPC and driving quality traffic to their website.

However, the most difficult part, it's not the SEO and PPC, it's selling the prospective client why he or she should pay a couple of hundred or a thousand dollar retainer a month.

Many of them are afraid of losing their money, so what had help me a lot recently, and if you are starting out make your best effort with your existing clients to make it work. Ask for an endorsement letter written by hand about your service.

It's better than a testimonial it's a handwritten endorsement letter about their results using your services with their contact information.

So the next time you see your client and he or she is happy about the results your providing ask for an endorsement letter.

And when you are seeing a new prospective client and she or he seems interested but it's afraid of losing the money investing in your service, get out those endorsement letters and make him or her read it.

This would increase your conversion rate a lot. It helped me a ton because one of the most powerful tools is having others selling you.

Hope it helps getting you more clients faster.
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    Thanks Jay;
    That's a great and often overlooked idea. We all use testimonials online almost as a habit..., but offline (myself included) generally worry about showing results/examples or some kind of portfolio or such. I could surely see that a hand written endorsement would help carry alot of weight.
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    Yep, solid idea. You can carry a binder in your briefcase...maybe even staple or otherwise bind some printouts showing exactly what kind of results you got for each particular client...then it really becomes REAL...offline clients still love that hands on stuff, I suspect many will for years to come so that is a great approach.

    Mac the Knife
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    Having a "Brag Book" works great for presentations.

    Include testimonials, work examples and anything to help the prospect think this is a no-risk deal for him/her.
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    Along with handwritten endorsement letters, also bring along some case studies of businesses that you have helped in the past. Point out the major concerns and problems your clients were having, and how they're revelant (or the same) as the current prospective client you're dealing with.
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