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Ok, so I've got the ssl thing figured out (sort of,) but I don't know the finer points of handling these customers in this new FB world.

I want to start by saying I use software to create fanpages that all get hosted on their own subdomain of my real domain.

With the new ssl thing, would you recommend getting one of those wildcard certificates to host all your customers or do you get a new regular one with each customer?

If I am the one who hosts the ssl and the site that the fan page uses for it's Iframe, what is the protocol if the customer decides to go with someone else for their social marketing needs?

I was on a different webinar about fanpages the other day and I noticed the guru used the word 'lease', as in "I will Lease this Site to you."

I realize that you can't 'sell' facebook pages, but I'm not sure what he meant about 'lease'.
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    "Leasing" means you tie them up with a contract to pay for hosting their fan page. I betcha they don't know / understand / care about the SSL thingie so if you can get it to work with just one certificate, do it that way. Don't explain the subdomain / domain thing either. It's a "website" that you've built for them. And every same person knows that hosting a website is going to cost some.

    Why would you worry about what would happen if they were to go with someone else? If they stay, they pay you for hosting indefinitely. And if they leave, it's up to them to figure out what and how to do.

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