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I just started offering social media automation to my customers and I'd like to get an idea of what you are charging to automate social media to your customers.

To give you an example of what I'm doing, I'm setting up an automated system for the business owner to just send an email to one email address and up to 10 other social media platforms get updated via the info in the email. For example, I just set one up for a missionary to Tanzania where all he has to do is send an email and his blog, facebook, and twitter accounts are all populated with the info from the email. He loves it!!! It's easy!!! And he gets to reach everyone with minimal effort.

So, how much are you charging for this service? I really don't think any monthly fees are necessary unless I'm providing the content, but I really want to get my head wrapped around what to charge my customers, as more of them are getting really excited about it when I pitch it to them.

Thanks in advance for all your help,

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    How much work is it? How much technical knowledge to set it up is required? How much value does it add to your clients?

    In my opinion you should try to somehow add value so you can charge a monthly fee.. recurring income is a lot more pleasant to have.
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    I would charge $500 for this service. Sounds like it's easy to set up. If you can get him on a continuity plan, then do it, and make the monthly fee a high enough price that would prevent you from ever working another job in your life.
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