Is There Demand For A Business Listing Submission Service - Your Thoughts?

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Hi guys,

I've been thinking of potentially providing a business listing submission service. I have spent some time (and money) with various people have now formed a small team does business listing submission for me. The work is all done manually and my team has always kept me pleased.

Anyway, my questions to you guys:

As Offliners with SEO service offerings, do you do the business submissions yourself? Do you outsource to someone or some service?

Do you see value in a manual submission service (as opposed to a 'cheaper' perhaps automated service - if one even exists).

What type of demand so you have for such a service? One order per week, month, half year?

What do you think is a reasonable price for 100 business listings to be submitted with all information fields filled out (not just name, number and address).

Lastly, if it would be possible: how much more value would you place if we could submit to more 'localized' directories instead of just the bigger names?

Looking forward to your responses guys!
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    There are several service on the classifieds. They do decent work. I assume there's good demand.

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    Best thing to do is do a small test right here in the Warrior Forum. Put up a post in the Warriors for Hire section and see what kind of feedback you get.

    Also test a few different price points until you find the sweet spot where it offers good value to your customers and makes you some decent scratch along the way.

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