Do local TLDs do better in Google Places?

by Dexx
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I asked in the SEO area, but I think there might be someone in the Offline arena that has seen results and can comment for everyone's benefit...

Does anyone know if a local Country's domain (.ca,, etc.) will be favoured more by Google when it comes to Google Places rankings against similarly optimized .com business domains?

Does it matter if they use (or whatever Country it is) or (since both would be recommending Google Places listing for local businesses to the searchers keywords)

Anyone have results that can comment?

I have a client that I'm thinking of recommending they use the .ca domain as the primary domain (with the .com forwarding to the .ca) but whose to say that does punish his Google Places ranking for doing so?

Figured I better see if anyone else has already tested such a tactic out already!

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    Dexx (hope this helps, I am useless with computers)

    If I type google. com into my browser it automatically changes to google.

    And if I just key in the word dentist and nothing else it automatically shows up all the dentists in Reading which is the main town 5 miles away from where I live.

    80% of the dentists have endings

    Google just seem to know where I live and where the dentists near me are whether .com or so I don't think it makes a blind bit of difference.

    The 80% have because that is just a normal thing to choose if you are a UK business

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    Portuguese example: .PT domains have more "power" then .COM domains - when everything is (sort of) equal and when using

    Spanish example: .ES domains have more "power" then .COM domains - when everything is (sort of) equal and when using

    Etc etc.

    Other thing you will notice is the ability of local TLD's to achieve high rankings more easily even for tough keywords.

    Since these local TLDS need a registered brand or a registered company to be used, my guess is Google loves them and acknowledges them as "trusted".
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