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by dkoski
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I have found 8 variations of a keyword phrase. I am planning to build a WP site to collect leads. My question is should I make 8 different WP sites to collect leads from each individual keyword phrase, or should I just work on making the one WP site rank for all 8 phrases? I have never tried to make one site rank for so many keywords. Any ideas?
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    I would use one of the tools available to find out which keyword gets the most traffic. I would build the site targeting that keyword first, than add the other keywords onto other pages in the site. Mulitple sites will become a chore especially if you plan on building sites for different customers. Say you have 8 keywords for each customer and have 10 customers total. Would you want 80 sites ?
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    Thanks, that was my thought.... all 8 have roughly the same amount of searches give or take a hundred or so. I was just checking to see if there was any new techniques out there I had not seen yet. Thanks so much for the reply DWolfe
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    why not target all 8 keywords with the same site? different pages within the site that way you you know where all the leads are coming from and it wont be too confusing

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    You can target all keywords at once with your website, just remember to don't look suspicious to the SEs.

    Owner of Di Carlo Agency

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    I have 5 keywords ranked in 1st page on Google with the same site. You can also distribute your 8 keywords to different pages, it still works.

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    Why not? You will have it much easier to rank one site for many keywords then a few sites for 1 keyword each.. Since you said you will use WP the perfect solution is to target one or maybe 2 keywords per post.

    This way you can make the post tailor made around the keyword and that way you can do 8 posts or 80 posts and target 1 keyword per post. Then you just need good backlinks to that post and you are well on your way.

    Since you will be making deep links your site will also be gaining on authority and that will make newer posts easier to rank for new keywords. And that is the model of an authority site

    Originally Posted by pennington33 View Post

    Use all 8 but i wouldnt go pass 8.
    Want to build quality links? Tired of Google penalties and spammy links?

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    Since they're variations of the same thing, I would go w/ one site and rank all 8. It may be easier for you to rank different inner phrases for different keywords.
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