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One of the ways I prospect is by giving presentations to groups. I believe you should always give takeaways when doing a presentation so I give a magazine that I create centered around the different techniques my company uses to help them market their companies and make more money.

The magazine is informational in nature and doesn't have a pushy sales message. It's used as a positioning piece to attract clients to me.

Well this can also work with clients, especially ones that have high transaction prices.

I--The Right Jab

So you have a client that wants more business. Consider creating a magazine that the client can give away to prospects.

Believe it or not, you...yes you can create a magazine. Software and services make it very doable.

Here's how it works...

All magazines need articles. And its totally up to you how you accomplish this. In my experience, its a combination of the client (especially for highly specialized niches), you and whatever outsourcers you bring in.

The articles' main focus is educational. They explain procedures and processes and at the same time position your client as the "go-to".

The articles also provide social proof. You can interview past customers, people in complimentary businesses etc. etc.

And don't be afraid to borrow from popular shows. For instance for a kitchen remodeler you could come up with the "Real Kitchens of..... "

II. The Left Hook

Here's is where we use the offline/online combination. When you describe a process or technique in one of your print articles be sure to include a link to more information on the client's site.

In my experience this information is best delivered by the client (or his/her assistants) primarily by video. Keep in mind these videos don't need to be really long.

They should speak to the "prospect" as if they're talking face to face.

I'm a big believer in educating prospects. How many times have you heard this meme "people buy from those they know, like and trust".

While I don't dispute those words I do add a big caveat. Your prospects need to believe that you are the best solution to their problem.

That trumps everything.

It doesn't matter if I know, like, and trust you if I don't believe you can't remedy what I need fixed.

III. Right Upper Cut

Now that your magazine is completed you can look at other monetization strategies.

One of the quickest and easiest is accepting ads from other businesses which share your clients customer demographic.

Others could be CPA (including click to call) offers.

It's really up to you.

IV. Additional Info

I've outlined what works for me but they're are plenty of ways to do this. You could make a community magazine focusing on one part of a city. Give the magazine away for free and monetize using ads from local businesses.

You could focus solely on bars, or restaurants, or recreation. It's totally up to you.

You won't know what works until you give it a try.

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