Businesses with High Customer Transaction Value?

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Hi guys,

I don't know if this has been asked before, but I need some ideas of businesses with a High customer transaction value.

I mean, Those businesses all offline courses say we must find (lawyers and so).

I appreciate your ideas.

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    Plastic Surgeons are good ones to go after.
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      Roofers, Plumbers, House Painters are GREAT prospects;

      BIG Ticket stuff and easy to find the one who 'writes the checks"!

      Also...put together a "Directory of Local Bed & Breakfast" and "Assisted Living Homes"!

      These biz make LOTS of money AND....not hammered by "Web Designers".

      Don Alm....who's gotten MY Share of these Niches
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    Well... in my area real estate, construction, finance companies... these bring in big bucks.
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    I find it's often a SPECIALTY of a good niche that has the Highest Transaction Value.

    For instance, dentists are usually mentioned, but the specialty of "cosmetic dentistry" or "reconstructive dentistry" far exceeds the typical dentist's transaction value. Or Orthodontists also have much larger transaction values.

    Lawyers can run the gamut. Ones who do simple legal work don't get to bill big. But, lawyers who concentrate their practice in criminal defense can and do bill quite high, compared to a lawyer who does mainly real estate closings.

    It pays to look more closely at what they specialize in, imo.
    Bruce NewMedia
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    I agree with Bruce ... instead of going with the general market .. dig into find a specialization of that same market.

    Probably less competition and higher price tags as usually people will pay for a service that is not offered by everyone.

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    Thank you guys!

    Any more ideas?

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    Can someone give examples of monthly service charges for some of these "high ticket" clients like orthodontist, plastic surgeon or cosmetic dentist?

    Mike Williams

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