How to start with Local Businesses

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Hello fellow warriors :-)

I have been in the IM business for quite a long time and lately I have been hearing a lot about Local Marketing and hitting local business for IM.

Any advice on what would be the best way to start?

Thank you
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    1. Get a business name
    2. Make a website with a list of your services
    3. Go around town and find clients that will need your service
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      Thank you - good start

      Alfred Trabulsi
      I work for Five Bucks.

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      Originally Posted by P1 View Post

      1. Get a business name
      2. Make a website with a list of your services
      3. Go around town and find clients that will need your service
      yes........... also

      I would add calling ahead to talk to the general manager to see what their online marketing incliudes now then upsale all you can , when you get there.

      Also have paypal packages already configured on your site so that you can logon and help them sign up on the spot in front of them or direct them to the package and then you have your worksheet and they have a receipt. Have printable agreements on your site for expectations and limitations too.

      perhaps a membership site that members only can view offers with an autoresponder that gives members only discounts to "local buyers" ???

      just sayin...........:p

      Got great listings in Google? , this can help!
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    I recommend staring with business that you know in a niche your familiar with. I went from being a Restaurant Manager to an online/offline Restaurant Consultant to supplement my online businesses. My knowledge in this field helped me get some quick business doing websites for a few restaurants to setting up mobile marketing campaigns for others. Getting this start made me comfortable approaching other businesses to offer these services. Even if you don't have contacts in an industry, if you have an understanding how a particular business runs, you will have great insigt into what that business needs. That's just my opinion of course. Good Luck!

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    Start with a skill that you know from your IM experience and use that as your product for offline clients.

    As you grow , you can start to add in additional services that you can get others to do

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    Networking is also KEY!!! Make a nice website built for your local area (example: If you live in ohio, or something.) Get some nice business cards Always carry them around with you. Crack out the Craigslist for people needing website help. Get jobs done, get referrals from them. Expand and keep pushing. #1 thing is to keep trying to get clients, I have a guy once who wanted web design work. Well he flaked on me and I was kinda mad but I brushed it off. Two months later he called me and asked me to help him and I landed $$$ and a new referral. Always keep your head up you never know who will call you next.
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      Consider calling/approaching the business owners in your area that you know. Tell them you have a new business and you are seeking their advice.

      Schedule a meeting. Tell them what you're doing now and ask them these two questions:

      1) How should I market myself in this area? (something like that)

      - Many will open up and start to help you. Refer you.

      2) How can I get your business? How can I do business with you?

      Sometimes we make this way to hard. Call me crazy, but the above works and helps you practice your pitch.

      PS - Also approach the people that you know - who call on local businesses.
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