How to get offline clients without cold calling or meeting face to face?

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Hello how do one get clients without the need to cold call or set up face to face appointments?
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    Aside from direct mail, email and other standard forms of online advertising, you could start an offline affiliate network and train others to go out and sell for you.
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    How well does email convert? Ive tried emailing potential business's in the past with no luck. Also, what if they ask for me to call them or to set up an appointment, do I just make up an excuse?
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    I would expect one out of 500 emails to turn into a viable lead.

    With the advice above about offline affiliate networks. Its simple.

    A: Put together your program
    B: Put together your pitches.
    C: Put some basic teaching together (in MS WORD) on what an internet presence means to business owners...
    D: Basically everything a person would need to know to sell a website
    E: Create a lucrative financial compensation that excites people/commission structure.

    Now take all of that and upload a forum.

    A: Make It Your Training Forum
    B: Make the public part for people who come to learn about the opportunity.
    C: Make a Private part for people who have been taken on as recruits. This is their training and support area.


    Place some ads...get the word of your opportunity out in front of thousands of people and send them to your forum to learn of the opportunity and apply.

    Now you have a growing offline network, and its easy to stay in touch with them. If 100 people are recruited, and even two of them make one sale per week, then you are doing well and on your way to a million dollar offline network.

    Expectations management is key.

    A: Put on ALOT of people.
    B: Base your projections on only a few of them working.

    This will help someone.
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    Thanks. How should I structure the emails I send, and is setting up a site mandatory or recommended, or should I set one up after I get a client or two?
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    If you are doing it by email then you will want a site to link back to...

    If you do not have a site, then the simple way to start would be to hook up with another company or individual who has a web design business here and do a commission split with them.

    For instance There is a guy (David Stewart) at the TMF who can build a $1,000 site for you for only $250, and you can use his design company as a reference and represent his brand...

    The best way to start from ZERO... Is to joint venture with a web designer.

    Structure your emails like any sales letter, try to keep it at two paragraphs full of exciting benefits, and make sure you include a strong call to action. Also, make sure you have a powerful title to get people to open it!
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    Alright, Ill make sure to set up a site .

    Also, I thought it was bad to pitch them in the first email?
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      Originally Posted by kytro360 View Post

      Alright, Ill make sure to set up a site .

      Also, I thought it was bad to pitch them in the first email?
      ABC...Always be closing. Dont waste moves. Whoever told you that was full of it... Pitch for them to click the link to your sales page. Pitch for them to call you back...You have to be pitching SOMETHING for them to take action. Like an actor "where's my motivation"?
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    Great point! You rock dude, you gave me a ton of inspiration and drive. Ill try to soft sell them with a free SEO analysis or something .

    Thanks, god bless
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    Rock on bro. God Bless.
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    Whether you contact the potential client via email, direct mail, etc... here is something you can do.

    Get CamtasiaStudio or maybe a "free" equivalent. (Camtasia has a 30-day trial.)

    Make a screenshare video that tells about what you do and the services you offer.

    You can put that on a one-page website or on the back-end of your existing website.

    You will put yourself ahead of other competitors who just call or send out quotes in say Word or Excel.

    Good luck.



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    I have a number of clients that I have never met face to face.

    And I didn't cold call them either. It can be done, and it takes longer.

    I determine the market.
    I find out their wants (not needs because no one wants to buy what they need)
    Send a specific package to the owner or "C" level contact.
    Follow up with a call (it's now warm and all you are doing is doing a follow up call)
    Ask lots of questions during the call and then soft close them. (That's my style)
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    Make yourself your own client. Perform SEO, Social Media, Search and Lead Generation for your own business/website. If you can't do it for yourself, how can you expect clients to pay you for your services? They follow the leader...become a leader in your industry and community.

    Learn Digital, Internet and Social Media Marketing For Your Business
    Click here to learn more - Digital and Social Media Marketing Training Course

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    @George Curtis All I talk about in the video is what I can offer?
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    Just offer a great service and then realize that there is always someone out there that needs it and wants it. Your goal is to spend minimum time on those that don't really want it.

    Often, this comes with experience but it won't take long to figure out when business owners are just running you through the motions. They will keep requesting things with no real intention of buying. However, this is part of the game. Just get faster at separating the spenders from the lookers.

    Check out some postcards as a possible option for leads. Postcards have been working for decades and still work today with the right message. Plus, they are cheaper than direct mail and often get read faster. Keep it uncluttered if you decide to test this method. One last thing...know your market. It is a quick way to striking deals.

    Good Luck.

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