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Hi, I have a number of FB accounts and pages that I manage for my local clients. I use Hootsuite for posting and updates.

Most of my clients have agreed to help each other out by "liking" the FB pages of my other clients in the same town. It's a win-win for all of them.

My question is whether there is any other software that will allow me to automate "likes" from each of my clients' accounts. Right now, I'm stuck with logging in to each one and liking them and it takes more and more time with each client and each page. Hootsuite does not deal with "likes" - only posts. Is there anything else?


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    I have multiple FB pages for a few of my blogs and until now I been doing the same as you... It is a hassle but with all the Spammers on Facebook I doubt they will let a program like that go through.. They recently deleted many FAN PAGES accounts that kept tagging people for sneakers and stuff.
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    • It's possible to build a custom FB application that does this. Need more details on exactly what your requirements would be. Post or EM and let's talk.

      custom fanpage applications
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        or you can directly buy facebook likes very cheap should be about 100 high quality facebook likes from United States price is only $ 2 ,
        so at such low price, it is definitely not worth it to do the manual work involved, and waste hours logging in different accounts, when you can buy it so very cheap

        How Much Is a Facebook Fan Really Worth? — Tech News and Analysis
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