How I got my first clients

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Hi guys,

I am not going to give you the full story right now, I just wanted to give you an update about where I am up to to hopefully help you.

I set up my social media management company in April of this year and I can now say I am earning a full time living working from home, providing social media services to UK companies.

I have a handful of clients including 2 'big' clients (one car related and one SEO company).

Here is how I got these clients:

I built up experience doing free work for 2/3 clients, I ended up getting a small amount of $ for 1 of these.

I met 1 client through interacting on Twitter, got some regular work before meeting, now met and am in talks about possibly significant further work (lead generation site)

I met one local company at a business breakfast networking event. Now doing regular work for them inc. local seo & social media. They also have an ecommerce site they want help with.

Car related. I know the guy who does their seo, he got me a meeting and I got the work there and then. This company turns over $10s of millions per year.

SEO company. I applied for some work through a job site and they have given me much more than I originally applied for!

I know a guy who owns a marketing firm and they have a big (multinational) client who wanted to use social media. I did a campaign for them and it is possible I will be doing ongoing work.

I hope this helps others who are trying to get their efforts off the ground.

I have only just got a decent looking website so I should hopefully be able to get clients more easily now too

Any questions, just holler.

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    Absolutely fantastic!

    I am really pleased for you. I imagine you have worked very hard to achieve all that since April. It just goes to show that with some effort, taking action and using a combination of online and offline marketing and networking strategies you can really turn an idea into a real business that pays you an income in a very short time. Great stuff.
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    Joe, thanks for sharing your experiences. This forum is like a very diverse mastermind group; you never know where you will get the spark for your next big idea--or client! Looks like you are headed for success!
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    Congrats on your success!! Once you get a taste for closing deals, it becomes addicting and you get motivated to grow from there!

    You also hit on a potential jackpot by teaming up with a local marketing firm. Referrals are the easiest business to get!

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    Awesome Joe,

    Just goes to show that if you get your name out there, things actually take off

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    Ahhhh a fellow Mancunian on the WF! Good to see, so long as you don't take all the business ;-)

    Quite interested into what the marketing firm you joined with wasn't already doing that you could offer?
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    Thanks for the comments guys.

    I hope this helps people on here with ideas for getting their first clients.

    J Toney - Ha ha that would be telling Really though there are few marketing firms which do social media. Some web design/ seo companies offer it but a lot don't. The firm is a 'traditional' marketing company. I like to swim with the big fishes (clue). They are based near me. See if you can work it out
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