Fanpage goal for local dentists / cosmetic surgoen / chiropractor...

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wondering what your guys input would be on that one:

what goes in your design of a local dentist (or chiropractor, or...) fanpage?

what are your priorities and objectives?

is simple design more effective than smooth graphics?

How much content and pages do you display?

Once I start getting replies I will give you my take on it, then we can start discussing the pros and cons...
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    Really depends on what the goal of the client is.

    Do they want to drum up new business and use the fan page to promote a coupon or multiple coupons?

    Or do they want interaction with current customers.

    Interaction only requires a simple page and getting content up that makes people talk.

    With a coupon to like idea you would need a simple landing welcome page and the coupon.
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    thanks lordauric,

    Yes they want to get new business through the fanpage.

    my client thinks his clinic should not use coupons... (I don't agree, but he has a strong opinion of not wanting to sound cheap).

    Also I don't think anybody at his clinic would want / know how to engage socially on FB... so I would exclude this.

    I was thinking of getting a like reveal to get some free whitepaper -something like "Like" us and get your free whitepaper "7 ways to keep your dentist away"

    with a mechanism to capture their emails, if suitable.

    also an embedded video as an introduction and to build trust.

    some text that summarize Why one should choose them rather than their competitors.

    and of course a list of all their services + their key benefits

    does this make sense?
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    I've always had issue understanding Facebook to get business. Facebook is social it is about interaction and engagement. Yes you can get people via social engagement to engage their friends.

    But I just watch business after business put up facebook pages and being sold on getting likes. A like doesn't add business. It doesn't add engagement. And with the way facebook's feed work now if they are not engaged they will not even see if you post anything.

    Coupons work to get business and likes but they don't add engagement. I've liked businesses for a coupon. Never even used half of them and sure don't go on their facebook page ever.

    The problem with facebook is unless you get engaged fans it is honestly worthless to a business. Every marketer out there is selling businesses on why they need a fan page. But remember the money is in the mouthly fees. So teach them why and how they need to be engaged. They likely don't have time to do that so they can hire you to do it.

    If you have engaged fans and 9/10 posts are social and not business or deals they will come to your fan page. They will post on it. And when the deals do get posted they will notice it in their feed because their engagement will tell facebook to put it there.

    Also work on posting topics when your fans are on. The secondary feed in the upper right corner shows a lot more than the main feed and I sometimes see businesses I like posting something there and it draws my attention.

    Just remember make sure you know what their budget and goals are because if you are going to spend serveal hours a month on their page you want to be paid for your time.

    Have you talked to them about google places? It sounds like for what they want that might be more in line with their direct goals. Also depending on their website you may want to talk to them about changing up the content.

    The key always is no matter what they do how do they plan to get people to the page rather it is facebook, places, or the web. A great "ad" rocks but if it's 5 inches long on the side of the bus how many will see it? That is a great way to really put the idea of getting the ad to people in their mind. We all see bus ads. They are great. But if they were 5 inches we wouldn't even notice them. Being on page 2 of google in my opinion is even worse than that.
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    you are right: FB is about social / engagement.

    I will most certainly handle the social discussions on their page, although I am not sure yet what a dentist could get people to engage into. It's not really an exciting activity from a patient's perspective.

    Re: G Places
    I have already done 80% of work to get them to the top of their local G Places listing. They have switched from #2 to #1 for one of the local keywords.
    This will be more effective to get leads.

    However, I will have to try FB ads and some viral FB marketing strategies to see what can be done for a dentist. Nothing beats testing when it comes to marketing...

    thanks for your input.
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    I think FB ads could be a good way for them to get their name out there. You would need to geo target and then try to find interests that would line up with people who wanted a dentist.
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