Offiline Marketing Test

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I am in the process of a product launch and I'm going to be testing some offline marketing techniques. I'll keep you guys posted and let you know how it goes.

Here is my game plan, I have no idea if it will work:

I am gonna make a bunch of coupons on business cards.

I'm gonna go to the local head shops (bong stores) and see if their will to work with me.

Here is what the offer will be:

Basically the coupons will say anyone who purchases my product from my website and use the coupon code will receive an $80 store credit to the head shop they got the coupon at. I will make custom coupons for each store, I'll premake them before so I will have them ready when I make the offer to the head shops. I will pay the $80 to the head shop directly in full for each sale I get.

This way the head shops will be encouraged to display and hand out my coupons, because if people actually use them, the head shop will make money.

Eh, worth a try.

I'll keep yall updated.
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