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So I just took the dive and upgraded to a smart phone (never owned one before though I've occasionally used other people's). I ordered it over the phone rather than going into the store.

I also signed up for Square Up and they are sending me a card reader so I can process credit cards easily.

I'll also be looking for a good QR Reader app so I can start learning about those and how they can be used.

That got me thinking though, what other apps do you use in/for your business?

The phone I'm getting is an Android, but if you have an iPhone go ahead and post that too - it might be useful to someone else or there might be a similar app I can find on Android.
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    I'm into domaining so I have the domain apps such as Godaddy. Also, the Paypal app comes in handy for counting the pennies.
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      I dont know why but I am not much fascinating for Smart Phones. Though they are having some great applications. Anyways, I was searching for your qwery and i cant denied that after looking at allll the applications i am planning to own 1 .

      www dot techradar dot com/news/phone-and-communications/mobile-phones/40-best-free-android-apps-687252
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    A few I use for my offline biz are..

    For Prospecting:



    SEO Review
    SEO SERP Tracker

    Get Free calls from your Droid.

    Google Voice
    Google Voice callback

    Search G for instructions on how to set it up.

    Just random apps I like:

    App 2 SD free
    Barcode Scanner
    Barnacle wifi tether
    Beautiful widgets
    Business Calander
    Habit Factor Lite
    Handcent SMS
    Live Blackjack
    Memory Trainer
    OPEN Forum
    Skyfire (internet browser)
    Sound Hound
    Winamp (music player)
    MP3 Music Download (free music)

    Hope that helps lol.
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