Google giving free domain names to business owners now.

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So far this looks to affect Canada.

Home - Canada Get Your Business Online

It says Google is investing in Canadian businesses and buying a domain for you for a year.

FAQs - Canada Get Your Business Online

On the footer of the site it says
Canada Get Your Business Online is managed by Google

Is something like this going on in the US?
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    With the exception of the Domain, most business class internet providers are giving away free websites when you purchase their service. It's mostly just a very basic template that doesn't look very professional from what I've seen. I wouldn't worry about it too much.
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    Hi Aaron

    I believe something like this has been in the pipeline for a long time, first Canada then USA, UK and Australia although I have no idea when or in which order they are going to roll out.

    There was another post on this forum about it a while ago.

    When I heard about it I thought it was a tremendous opportunity for us consultants, I myself have registered, and to take advantage of it. The first one will be launched in a couple of weeks.

    It's my believe that Google are doing this to capture more Adwords customers they have tied up with Yola to get the sites built who already have a free site as part of their marketing so the only real cost to Google is the cost of the first year domain and with their buying power it's next to nothing.

    Points to note and help you sell:
    You are stuck with Yola for at least 60 days until you can transfer the domain name out.
    You will lack flexibility to make a decent site using Yola
    As a novice going into Adwords you may lose your shirt
    For the cost of a domain and hosting is it really worth limiting your business!
    Google will not be advising you on the best way to spend your marketing dollars.(Unless it's on Adwords)

    The one thing above all is that Google will help create more market awareness with small businesses, use it to your advantage.

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    I give most anyone a free .com if they want it....they are dirt cheap compared to the relationship I build with them by getting them online.
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    I just saw a huge AD in my paper today for a free seminar. Every attendee gets a domain name and free hosting for a year for showing up.

    I took their number down. I want to check out their sales funnel. Always good to see what the big guys are doing - And they are slow moving giants - we are much more nimble - quick to maneuver
    I can help your business grow. Spend less time backlinking and more time focusing on your clients. Skype me anytime for more details. Custom packages available.
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    Check out the GoogleBusiness YouTube Channel and scroll through their uploads.

    You will see "Wisconsin Get Your Business Online", "Iowa Get Your Business Online", "Minnesota Get Your Business Online"........and more.

    You can check out what Google is offering businesses by going to www wisconsingetonline com and www iowagetonline com etc.
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      This is great info to take into account for positioning your business for success. I think google is just drooling at the adwords profits they can make from giving business owners a free site and setting them up to pump cash into the PPC market. I myself fell victim to it early on in my career so I can relate to setting up your campaign and burning through a whole marketing budget in 2 days with few sales.

      I think if anything business owners will probably be more willing to seek out the experienced pros after blowing loads of cash on PPC with very low ROI.

      Great heads up.
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    Yeah, Google seems to be making some big moves.

    I'm not sure how new the Google Engage for Agencies program is but if you're accepted they give you 20, $100 adwords vouchers to give to your new clients.

    Some big moves to get businesses online - small businesses are the driving force of the economy afterall, it's time they woke up and took advantage of the internet.

    It's honestly nothing to be worried about - think of how many free web templates there are out there, even - a free click and drag flash website builder. We all know flash sucks for SEO - but biz owners don't know that so you think they'd love it.

    Even Word Press is free - and I've seen some businesses with the stock twenty ten theme loaded up just with content filled in. They hadn't even changed the stock header.

    I was in with a prospect presenting an SEO plan to them - which they complained about my prices, which I just told them, I can give you guys the resources and an e-book to do your own SEO.. and they both said, "We don't want to take on a DIY project either"

    You have to think how you felt before you got into internet marketing - how daunting it all seemed.

    We all actually have an insane amount of knowledge in our heads but since we live it.. it just doesn't seem like that big of a deal.

    But for a regular business owner - it's a huge task.

    To end this rant, haha...

    I went through the whole process of signing up for that free website and hosting program just to see the inner-workings.

    Once the business owner gets into the dashboard area -it supplies training for marketing their site online.

    It actually suggests that bringing in a professional for SEO and SEM is a good idea since staying on top of the online landscape is a full-time job in itself.

    Google is not trying to kill us people.. they know that we bring business to them.

    Especially us offline consultants.
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    I would just say nothing is really free. There is a trade off, whether its data or less control....
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    Everyone gives away free domains, its a web builder that is important.

    If you like my posts please leave a thanks and message me if you wish for me to follow up with your thread. I enjoy engaging with entrepreneurs and ALWAYS willing to take the time to offer solid answers that you can take to the bank. Internet marketing has made me rich over the last +20 years and this is how I give back to the community for all of those evil popunders I used to sling in the 90s.

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