Too cool for school: Free Viral Facebook Fan Page Tool

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It should be common knowledge at this point that Facebook is a juggernaut that cannot be forgotten about when it comes time to do internet marketing for offline businesses. People trust referrals from people they know, FB has a bearing on SEO ranking, and has become an unofficial standard in determining how "legit" a company is.

The bottom line is simple: Fanpages need fans, and lots of them!

So I've piddle-farting around with this tool for the last month or so, using it for various clients. I've had some pretty decent results, especially considering how relatively simple this technique is to integrate.

Without further adieu or false-hype, I present you with my Free Viral Facebook Fan Page Tool! Feel free to use it for your offline clients, or hell even your own pages (lord knows I have).

Feel free to give constructive feedback! If there is enough demand for the app, I will consider releasing the source code WSO style.
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