Little saying I remember

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Little saying I remembered. The best time to make a sale is right after you make one I

know the reason why. It's in the head of the salesperson. He/she doesn't need the second sale thus a more air of confidence and nonchalant demeanor gets the prospect to want the product or service more
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    That reminds me of Tom Hopkins, where he wrote that before you get one sale, you'll get 50 "nos". So you want to think to yourself, Thanks for the 50! after every non-success, because you're working your way to that glorious "yes."

    It's all in the mental attitude and how you face challenges.
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    If they are already in a "buying mode" it makes sense to offer them an additional service, if it is of benefit for them of course.
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    first sale is always very important because 2nd time u have confidence gain from first sale. 3rd time u have twice confidence and it grows with every sale. The big deal is to make your client mind set for your offer.
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    Very true when you have the excitement of a closed sale the 2nd comes with ease.

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    Thats so true!!!
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    If the immediate 2nd sale doesn't come... there's always followup email marketing!
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