Has anyone tried Facebook Ads to Generate Clients? [Case Study]

by Dexx
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Anyone know of a warrior that's successfully used Facebook Ads/Fan Pages to generate offline clients?

I just recently invested in some fan page building software, so I'm going to try and generate $2,000 (or more) in monthly revenue from just Fan Page profit systems I setup for Offline Clients.

The plan is to start generating leads USING a Facebook Fan Page and Paid Ads (what better way to sell a client the system working then to generate the client using that very system? )

But figured I'd double check to see if someone has already done it so I could "learn from their mistakes" before I do my own attempt.

So...anyone know if one's been successfully done?


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    I have an idea : Build a fan page for local people like "I love massage in Amsterdam" or "I Love Sidney" Laser target local people to your fan page. And when you reach for example 5000 fans, your start advertising local businesses on your fan page - offering coupons and discounts. But first contact local businesses and tell you have a huge list of local people who love "massage" etc.
    So you keep your fans(list) and you can sell adveritsement on your fan page
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    I love your idea as well
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    Ya, I've seen that strategy before, but I'm talking about actually creating a fan base of business owners / business leads directly.

    Prob going to be starting this next week, should be interesting trying this new approach
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    I tried - and failed miserably. I ended up running several hundred dollars worth of ads and not landing a single client. i guess my time promoting affiliate offers on there didn't help me enough. Completely different target audience. I think most people would have an easier time focusing their efforts on professional sites like LinkedIn

    I'm a Freelance Copywriter that helps Agencies, Startups and Businesses Educate Their Audience and Grow Sales
    Skype Me: r.boze
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    i've try and it blast incridible
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