Need suggestions for sms marketing for retail store...

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I have a retail store that wants to use text marketing, but they are unsure how they can use it to get more customers.

They sell nursing scrubs and medical uniforms.

I said that they can offer discounts to their text club, but they said that since their competition offers a 20% off for hospital workers, they do the same, so they said coupons will not work since they are offering such a discount.

What other things can they do to get more customers in their doors and have an edge over their competition?

I appreciate your help.

By the way, I am offering them a 1 month free trial, we are just unsure where to get started since they don't want to offer coupons. If we can get some good ideas, I am confident that I will get the client.

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    I would see if they could do some type of giveaway,"TEXT TO ENTER" maybe a gift cert for a Free Set of Scrubs or something related to their industry that has good value to entice customers to opt in, that way they're only giving away something every month, so it might minimize their cost for promotion...
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    I would say that the power of sms is in ltv. I know they are already giving a discount, but offer customers either a special discount, freebie, at the point of sale for joining their vip program. I don't know much about the other products that they have, or how long these scrubs last, but when they currently give these discounts away, are they building a list of repeat customers in the process?

    Sms will build their list, that they can use to get immediate traffic in the future. This is where they will see a distinct advantage of sms/list building.
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    Thanks for the replies. I am making a list of things that they can use sms for. I am going to see if they can do a contest/giveaway for Christmas, and customers have to text in to win.

    I will let you know how it goes, and see if they want to give it a shot.

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