How Do You Train Your Outsourcers

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Hey Guys

If you outsource your work to others when you're doing work, how do you train them? I've a need to send to my odesk'ers instructions on how to do this and that.

I've got some premade stuff But its quote old and basic.

I need to send to my people - step - by step - instructions. Does anyone have anything else that they did themselves and are ready to share

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    Just make a screen cam shot of you doing what you want them to do. Going through each step and explaining it.

    Then upload it to, send them the link and have them watch the video.

    Then when you hire new people you can train them using the same video
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    Yes I agree with the above warrior, the best thing to do is do the task yourself and screen shot it, then send them the link, create very clear step by step insturction on what you want them to do and how you want them to do it.

    Its also helpful to jump on Skype with them and talk about the project in great detail, make sure they understand, ask if they have questions, if they do not understand, keep going until they do understand, if you are going to do the task over and over, then you can copy and paste your converstation and create a training sheet to send to other workers
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    Its better to have done it yourself once before you outsource it. That way you can check the quality of the work.

    Do Good!

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    Yes - to document and film what I do, when I do it, is obviously the best. However, that assumes that I know what I'm doing :-)

    It would be good to have some standardized work sheets


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      I don't know if you have seen this wso, but it might be worth you taking a look, might have something you could use, videos and worksheets...

      "[Outsourcing Mechanics] How To Stop Any Technical Challenge And Automate Hundreds Of Task Online" from PeterGarety.

      I bought it and he does cover alot of general IM stuff that you may want to outsource...but then again I don't know what you actually have in mind so it may be of no use to you

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