Would you consider this technique blue fart?

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"Do you think its a blue fart technique?"

"I don't divide the techniques into colors. I divide them into what works and what doesn't, and this seems to work great".

As many of you have read in my threads - I like to think outside the box, and that is exactly what this technique is about. As you know you can try 100 different things but just 15 will work very well for your business, this is one of those things that work in many ways. Here I am going to outline some applications for the offline world, but it can have many more applications.

We were doing some "Benchmarketing" or seeing what the competition was doing in the social media area, our main goal was to find keywords that can rank high in Google thanks to the social media high PR. Meaning this:




The niche we were working on was an offline furniture store. The first thing we did was find a tool that would allow us to look for available usernames and we found this tool


What this tool does is basically go in several social network sites and looks for available user names, here is a view of the results:

In a split second, after watching the results we realized the REAL power of this method!!!

The applications I am going to outline here are part of the case of this study.

  • We realized that our competitors where not very active in the social media arena.

  • Many of their key terms were still available in many social media places.
    You could "hijack" many keywords they were not using.

  • In some cases you could appear above them in the search engines with the proper username (example: twitter appears above many websites that are competing for the same phrase, because twitter is indexed almost immediately and has a high PR)

As you can see this is very powerful knowledge, this does not have to be blue fart if it is used properly like in reputation management, you claim your clients name in different social media places and push down the bad press, this technique it is like a knife that you can murder someone with it, or you can make great operations and save lives.

Everything depends on how you use it, these are just tools that can be used in several ways, so use it properly.
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