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by Obosh
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I have some doubt about anchor text and directory submissions. Need your advice and help.

Say I have a "Shoe" selling website. And I have 5 main pages. Except my hope page, each page has a target keyword or anchor text. So, I have 4 different keywords and anchor text.

Say my pages are -
1st page - Homepage or landing page - no target keyword or anchor text.
2nd page - target keyword or anchor text is - Red shoe
3rd page - target keyword or anchor text is - Black shoe
4th page - target keyword or anchor text is - White shoe
5th page - target keyword or anchor text is - Brown shoe

Now my questions are -
1. Now who do you submit your website to different directories with different anchor text?
2. Is it a good strategy to submit your website with different anchor text or a bad strategy?
3. Should I only submit my home page with different keywords or should I submit my targeted page with targeted keyword and anchor text?
4. Do I have to submit my website like - http ://www .shoe .com/red-shoe (and anchor text - Red Shoe)
http ://www .shoe .com (and anchor text - Red Shoe or Black Shoe)?
5. How can I submit my websites to different directories with my different keywords or anchor text?
6. What is the best directory submission strategy with different keywords?

I don't know whether I sound like a dumb here. but, I really need your help as I am new to this website business or optimization.

Thx in advance brothers. I am waiting for your suggestions and advices.
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    Hi if you mean web directory submissions as far back as I can remember I think its just your url of your homepage.

    But article directories where you write an article and put anchor text in resource box should have your home pagee url and another page url

    Usually what I do is analyse my competition to see what anchor words they are using and try to beat that with better quality anchor text

    for instance say you number 1 competitor has

    10 anchor links for shoe to homepage of competitor
    5 anchor links of Red shoe for page 2 of competitor
    4 anchor links for shoe for page 3 of competitor
    6 anchor links for shoe to page 4 of of competitor
    3 anchor links for shoe to page 5 of competitor

    So lets say all the backlinks are pr 1 to your competitors site

    what I would try to do would be to get double or triple those backlinks to of PR2-3
    so to copete with red shoe I'd try to get 15 pr 2 or pr 3 if not possible then pr 1 anchor text backlinks.

    But this is a simplification so as to explain myself in reality you'll probaby be facing say 100 blinks ranging from pr 0-6.

    No pain no gain nothing worthwhile ever came easy as they say.

    Anyways hope this helps.

    My first stab at success is the Nike Air Yeezys this is what made me believe.

    You can't be scared of rejection on the quest to perfection.

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    You should build your anchor text with
    http ://www .shoe .com (and anchor text - Red Shoe or Black Shoe)

    It would be best if you target on one anchor text until the keyword been rank well, then you only build second anchor text. Because when you build backlink, you need to be focus on one 1st. You can try long tail keyword but not the different keyword like red shoe and black shoe.
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    You should find related site where you can build you back link with anchor text.
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