"Accident Guide" and "Auto Buyer's Guide" CASH!

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OK....to give some of you folks some "Hope" for ways to make money in the coming year....here's 2 programs I've done that have paid me BIG BUX.

I'm not selling these programs here....just want to give you some "Food For Thought" as to WHAT IS POSSIBLE. You...fill in the details.

A Pamplet provided FREE to Insurance Cos and Car Dealers. I made a mock-up sample of these and showed it to a big Insurance Biz and Car Dealers (At Different Times)
Filled them with businesses that wanted to reach Customers of each of these businesses.
Both the Insurance Cos and Car Dealers LOVED them....and....so did the advertisers and....Car Owners who kept these IN THEIR GLOVE COMPARTMENTS!

A Pamphlet with Ads from Car Dealers and businesses wanting to contact people who are checking into getting Financing from their CREDIT UNION to purchase a Vehicle.
I made a mock-up Sample with articles to help Car Buyers choose a vehicle and showed it to CREDIT UNIONS to give out FREE to their members. Free to Credit Unions and....no problem getting EVERY Car Dealer in the area to buy an Ad....along with Insurance Cos and any biz that wanted to reach people "In The Market to Buy a Vehicle"!

Again....these are just "suggestions" on programs that have made BIG MONEY. Here's Photos.
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    Sounds great, what's your pricing and how many advertisers do you place in a guide?
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      I created the "Auto Buyer's Guide" way back in 1986 in Grand Junction, Colorado where there were 10 New Car Dealers and 22 Used.

      After about 3 weeks of research.....I created a MockUp Sample of my Auto Buyer's Guide and I went to a Locally Owned Credit Union and showed it to the top guy (4" wide by 9" high with articles about buying a vehiclle AND...articles on financing from the CU)

      All FREE to the CU.

      I also showed him a "FRAMED BOARD" to be mounted on the Lobby Wall. This Board had room for 20, 8 x 10 Signs (each Car Dealer got a Sign that looked like a License Plate with just their Name in BIG letters)

      I then proceeded to go around to the dealers....showing them my Sample Guide and Wall Board and....Agreement from the Head Guy at the CU.

      Each Dealer got ONE PAGE in the Booklet and a Sign on the Wall Frame.

      The Booklets would be handed to each Member who requested "Financing Approval"...so that when they chose their vehicle....the Dealer KNEW they would be "Good" for the purchase....so....the Dealers WANTED to get their Ad Info INTO THE HANDS of these "Pre-Approved" buyers!

      I charged $150 Set up and $1200 for 12 months from each dealer and got 15 Dealers my first go round.

      I then proceeded to go to larger towns and....even went to Florida for 2 wks and sold 20 Dealers at $240 SetUp and $2400 a Year. Then set up a Sales Guy down there and we "cleaned up" for the next few yrs.

      Anyway....the "reason" I brought this project up was to point out how... with just a smidgen of "Research" and the ability to put together a Sample, MockUp and the "Brass B____S to go MEET people....almost anyone CAN....create their OWN INCOME...without having to rely on a "JOB" or...."da GUMMIT"!

      Don Alm....Idea-Guy
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        Absolutely fresh and practical!

        Your proven system seems to be very lucrative especially if you live around an area where there are many car dealerships. What a great niche.

        If you don't mind cold calling, this seems like a salesman's dream!

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    How di you get CU to post a huge ad on the front wall ? Whats in it for them besides the free guides. And how many free guides did you supply to the CU?

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    great ideas. why'd you quit with it, since it seems it would be easier to sell in subsequent years?
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    Wow, what a solid idea. Thanks so much for sharing!
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    That is a terrific idea and you can become very creative with this. I was actually looking for something like this where I can sell ad space as well. Thanks for sharing, this has certainly brought some ideas to my mind.
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