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Hello warriors,

I have started a small company that is based on building great looking information websites for all different types of small businesses. We offer a "Small Business Web kit" that includes a basic 5 page website up to 3 corporate emails and so on. I'm selling the package for $950 and it includes free hosting and absolutely no monthly charge. Pretty much just sell the package, outsource the design of the site, launch the site, collect the payment, and done.

We started by purchasing a subscription to sales genie and hiring 2 telemarketers to cold call nation wide and pitch the package to all the basic types of small businesses ( plumbers, roofers, mom and pop restaurants, auto repair shops etc.)

Things started well but im not satisfied with the way we are marketing our company and services.

What are some things I can do to market this besides cold calling that will essentially boost business? Is there a way to better target small outfits that do not have a website? What are some good online marketing techniques for this type of business structure? Should I start building a list...what exactly is a list?

I come here because I know this place is filled with really smart people that think outside of the box and know how to make money. I'm 21 years old and this is my first real business venture. I'm not trying to become a millionaire but would like for this to turn out somewhat successful. Im hungry for a taste of success and willing to do whatever it takes

Thanks so much guys, cant wait to read the replies..remember, hit me with the basics but also try to think outside of the box. I'm down for trying anything!! if pages are blank that means we are currently tweaking the site, however any criticism is gladly accepted
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    From my perspective I would look at 3 things:

    1- Tweak your current system. You mention that tele-marketing is working but you aren't getting quite the results you want. What if you put your sales guys through some sales training and their conversions went up by 5%? Or what if you split test different pricing packages and you were able to increase revenue by 5-10%?

    2- If you are getting a positive ROI on the front end then start focusing on the back end. After you've sold them a site sell them a mobile optimized site. Sell them SEO. Sell them something else. You've invested in a lead service and sales guys. Don't let that investment stop at $950 per client. See what you can do to increase that. Get referrals as well.

    3- If you can tweak your front end and add a back end you might find that tele-marketing just became incredibly profitable. You may find that you don't need to venture into new sources of clients for a while. If your current systems are tight, though, then maybe you start looking at new lead sources like postcards, seminars, etc. I would think, though, that you've got something that is working. Improve that system before getting the next one.
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      Website companies are a dime a dozen.

      Answer this question before all others:

      Why should I do business with YOU? Not anyone else. You.

      What's your competitive advantage?

      I really couldn't tell from a brief look at your website.

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    Change your Features on the home page (web design, logo design, SEO) into Reasons For People To Do Business With You. What are the results of them hiring you to do those things? What do they get out of it?

    Saying that "I can do copywriting" has no value to prospective clients. Saying that "I turn websites into machines that convert visitors into qualified prospects who call you"...that gets people interested.
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      I fully agree with the direction of this thread. Promote more value. The graphic thats smack dab front and center on the home page, while its a nice graphic, its not doing much to sell you, your company, your brand. Use that space for a sales presentation - slide show or video might work nicely.

      A recent webinar explained, to find your unique quality as a business, think about what your clients compliment you on the most? What do they complain most about your competitors? Use that in your sales pitch to solve a problem. Since its a new company, it might take a few jobs to figure it out, but you can draw from past experiences and your own strengths... You might even add that to your telemarketers calls if its not in there already. Find out their biggest problem concerning your service and be the best at that!

      Best of Luck!!!
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    Try to come up with your USP...figure out why you are different and why a customer should want to do business with you.
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  • Sorry, dont have much time to give much advice just now (i'll come back to this thread) But the best tip i can give you just now is also try to add as much value as possible to what ever package your selling!

    That doesn't mean you have to be cheap! But you can bulk out the deal to make it alot more valuable and "value for money" in the clients eyes.

    Also, make sure they cant get what your selling anywhere else!

    All the best
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    Offer happy customers a 10% referral fee. Nothing like the smell of a few dollars to persuade people to recommend your service to others.
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    Thanks so much guys
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