Social Media: The Key Word is "Social".

by SGTech
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Let's say you're at a friend's house for dinner, and someone that you have just met comes up to you and tries to sell you his car. What are you going to think? You're most likely going to wonder why this guy you have just met and don't even know wants to sell you something.

Now what if you meet this person, develop a rapport, a friendship over a period of weeks, months or years and then he tries to sell you his car. You are far more likely to respond positively in this scenario. Perhaps you don't need or want his car or perhaps you can't afford it but you are more likely to listen.

When I am on Facebook, Twitter or other social media websites, I often notice that there is a lot of hard selling going on. I am guilty of it from time to time and it is something that I am trying to change. How often have you seen posts on Twitter or Facebook such as:

"You can have your very own website for just $99. Click here for more information"

Posts such as that are fine once in awhile, but too many businesses are making those same posts every day and even multiple times per day.

The key word for me in regards to social media, is the word social. If I have hundreds of Twitter followers, chances are that most of them don't really know me. Some of them might be friends, or current clients or family but for the most part they will only know me from my Twitter updates. If all they every see from my updates is posts like the above, it's a recipe for a quick unfollow.

I believe that the best way to use social media is to be social. Engage with your followers. Provide them with useful information and comment on information that they post. Your goal is to create a relationship, a friendship if you will, with them so that when you do post something on Twitter or Facebook your followers feel that they know you and consider you a trusted resource or even a friend.

My goal for Twitter and Facebook posts as well as LinkedIn groups is:

Get them to my website
Read and comment on my posts
Sign up for my mailing list
Subscribe to my posts

Once they are on my mailing list or subscribed to my posts, I now have the ability to communicate with them in almost a one on one fashion. They trust me enough to sign up for my mailing list and are inviting me into their inbox. I cannot abuse that trust by selling to them with every single post or email message.

Cultivating the relationships you have on social media websites by interacting with your fans and followers will earn you more trust, a higher comfort level and will lead to more business success down the road.
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    Great post. It my view it boils down to adding value to people. In your example, a $99 site could be adding some value to some people, but educating, providing resources and understandable solutions are what most will probably value more. Additionally, someone may not need a $99 site today, but 6 months down the road things may have changed. There's a good chance they won't remember a quick ad like you said, but an engaged community member who helped them with other things would probably be in a much better position to present the service when the need is there.
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    It's the same as the "cocktail party" principal.

    You (hopefully), wouldn't barge right in and start passing your card out to everyone within striking distance. You chat it up first in a friendly way and ask genuine questions about the other person/group.

    If it feels right, "by the way, if you know any who needs X , here is my card" , come let me introduce you to my friends over here, blah, blah.
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    This is a great post, especially for me given that I have zero experience with Social Media. I'm just wondering though, is this the basis of social media marketing ? I'm an SEO/PPC guy and feel i've missed the wave of social media. It's all about the user experience right?
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      Originally Posted by Russel Mogul View Post

      This is a great post, especially for me given that I have zero experience with Social Media. I'm just wondering though, is this the basis of social media marketing ? I'm an SEO/PPC guy and feel i've missed the wave of social media. It's all about the user experience right?
      If you look at a good Facebook page or Twitter account, let's take the Aflac Duck. Yes I am an avid follower of his. The social media accounts are all about branding and interaction. The Aflac Duck (well not the actual duck) will post and ask for opinions on something or other or post something silly and will get a TON of response. Every once in awhile you'll be asked to visit Youtube or the Aflac website to check out the new Aflac Duck commercial. It's a great social media method in my book.
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    A great post indeed. To be social is to have a great attraction to others and that exactly what should be implied to social media. A one to one engagement builds up a confidence to your prospective customers who get a feeling of a personal acquaintance with you.
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      I'll give you a real life example of this. I follow someone on Twitter that has written a book that they sell for the Kindle. 9 out of 10 tweets that she sends out are of the "Buy my Kindle e-book titled "NAME OF BOOK HERE". a story about etc etc...". Every day there are two or three of these tweets and it makes me not want to buy her book as a matter of principle.

      Interact with your social media followers, contacts, friends or whatever the heck they are called. Once you get to know them and they get to know you, they are much more likely to do business with you.

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    This is a great post.

    I want to add that you shouldn't go overboard with the "non-sales" updates. A great example of this is Domino's pizza's FB page. They put out 2-3 statuses a day like this,"Who "LIKES" their Domino's pizza driver and who "LOVES" them? COMMENT!"

    I may be in the minority but constant updates that look like they came from a 15 year old and begs for "likes" turns me right off. I keep their page liked on FB to remind me never to go overboard with my business page's updates.
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